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23 May, 2023

Data is an underlying current that flows through every aspect of business as retail energy providers. Every decision you make should be based on accurate and timely data. However, too many suppliers waste time interpreting incomplete or inaccurate data. When this happens, they end up having to redo their report in an attempt to get new, accurate information.

The rise of technology has drastically impacted the energy industry, especially data reporting. Technology is a key tool in creating a sustainable, profitable business by making it easier to find accurate data. If you lack data reporting due to unreliable sources, keep reading to see how innovative software can help you achieve rich reporting and accurate commission. 

Data Reporting

Data reporting is a pivotal pillar in your company. The rest of your business can collapse if your reports are not rich with accurate information and do not provide valuable insights. When your data is inaccurate, pricing, retail energy predictions, and commission can be incorrect and cause you to make poor decisions.

Since data drives so many choices, you must have the tools to project future results and drive improvements. Rich data reporting has the potential to redefine and revolutionize the way you handle energy commissions.

When data is accurate from the beginning, it can greatly benefit multiple aspects of your business. Accurate data is trustworthy evidence to base decisions. You can be confident in your decisions if your reporting systems are trustworthy. From the next steps for your business to pricing quotes, you can be reassured that you are choosing the best options by looking at accurate data reports. Consistency can also be a major benefit of accurate data. When your calculations all follow the same system, you will not have to worry about any report being incorrect or inconsistent from another. 

Rich in Data, Poor in Information 

Even when you have all the information necessary for creating data reports, processing it accurately and time can be challenging. You may need help knowing where to begin. With so many situations and details you need to consider, knowing where to start in creating a report may be challenging, but having the right information does not automatically mean you know what to do with it.

Plus, when you manually create reports, it gives you room for human error. Your calculations and predictions will not be right 100% of the time. You may find that you make more mistakes than you would like. Then, you must do the work repeatedly, wasting your precious time and increasing your frustration. 

One of the best ways to combat these challenges is to utilize software that automates data reporting and commission calculation. When you have a system that always provides accurate and timely data, you save yourself the headaches of doing it yourself. Not only are you satisfied, but so are your customers and employees. With rich data reports, you will better understand industry trends, your employee’s habits, and customers’ usage history. Based on this information, you can see patterns that can help shape major decisions that will better your company. 


To know if your data reports provide helpful insights, you must determine if your current system is helpful. Could you let me know if you're still using manual methods to create reports? Does the amount of time you spend working on this pay off in the long run? Or could your time be used more wisely?

If your system takes up a bulk of your time but has a habit of giving you unreliable information, it may be a sign that you must pursue savvy and automated reports. Having a vision of what works and is beneficial to your company. Not only can it help you make important decisions, but it can also help you identify problems in your system. Eliminating inefficiencies and inaccuracies can help your business grow to its full potential. 

Streamline Broker Commissions

When calculating broker commissions, it is important to create an analysis report that will give you valuable insight. Energy supplier software can give you valuable tools to automate and optimize analysis reports to best fit your needs. Analysis reports are beneficial when calculating the commission each broker should receive.

Each report should first have a goal and an audience. Determine what you want to learn or analyze in this report and who will review this information. Then, you want to focus on each broker’s key performance indicators (KPIs) and collect relevant data to influence the result.

Selecting the best type of analysis report and optimizing it to give you valuable insight is crucial for creating a useful report. By visualizing data, you can interpret and understand where each broker stands in their performance. Be sure to utilize the interactive effects of your software so you can fully understand every component of your analysis report. 

Broker commissions should always be accurate and timely. If your numbers are correct and timely, brokers will grow satisfied with your company. As issues continue with their commission, they may never work with your company again. If you cannot handle their commission quickly and effectively, why would they trust your company to supply retail energy at competitive rates? 

When the commission is inaccurate, it can even create problems with your profits. Overpaying takes money away that could be used in other areas of your budget, and underpaying gives you a false understanding of your finances. Consider using software to automate commission calculations and payments to keep from losing business. Instead of stressing about getting commission accurate each month, energy supply software can help you create a detailed, accurate, and timely analysis report of each broker you work with. 

Manage Your Data Reports

Having abundant data is only helpful if you know how to use it. Data can be a key tool that helps you understand aspects of your business that would otherwise be difficult to measure, but you must create accurate and timely reports for the data to be useful.

Want to know a tip?

Our Sales360 software gives energy suppliers beneficial tools to calculate broker commissions and automate portions of their workload. If you want to radically improve your retail energy business radically, investing in software should be one of your first steps.

Truthful and transparent reporting is imperative; energy software is one of the best tools for accurate data. Sales360 can help make your broker commission reports more efficient, insightful, and accurate so you can focus your time on winning deals. If you are frustrated with working with multiple spreadsheets, check out our software to see how it can improve your workflow. 

Say Goodbye to Lackluster Reporting

Reporting is essential for every aspect of a business. It helps you monitor the business as a whole or an individual employee to see how they perform over time. Accurate data enables you to make better business decisions, project future results, and drive improvements. Broker commissions are one area that is greatly affected by automated reports.

Producing future commission reports with software like Sales360 can save you time and effort while ensuring you always have accurate and timely data. To learn more about how you can make your monthly commission calculation more efficient, check out our free guide, Top 7 Ways to Handle Your Energy Commissions.

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