An Easier Way for Energy Suppliers to Increase Sales and Reduce Risk

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6 March, 2023

There is no doubt that digitalization has revolutionized the energy industry. However, it can be difficult for energy suppliers to find time to keep up with all the newest trends and technologies. Specific digital tools can positively affect your commissions and sales, all while reducing risk. Retaining customers is just as important as recruiting new ones. Personalizing your relationships can help your brokers feel valued partners and maintain customer satisfaction. Keep reading to learn more about how the newest digital advancements can help you reduce risk while increasing sales!  

Streamlined Commissions Ensures Happy Customers

Broker relationships are crucial for maintaining growth. To keep those relationships happy and healthy, you must ensure brokers receive their commission without error. Late or incorrect commissions will only frustrate brokers and cause your team to complete excess work. Calculating commissions can be a headache, and when you do it manually, it takes up a vast amount of time each month. Enlisting software that can automate commissions can free up time on your calendar for securing more deals. 

Personalization Promotes Sales

As you get more time to focus on sales, finding new tactics and methods to help you win deals and maintain existing customers is important. Personalization is one of the best ways to encourage growth and beneficial customer relationships. Retail and consumer goods have set an expectation among the general public for marketing efforts to be personalized. As energy suppliers, this new standard may seem difficult to achieve in your industry. However, that does not mean it is impossible. Consumer insight gives you the upper hand in tracking purchasing patterns, trends, and demographic information. Using digital technology can give you the right tools to streamline commissions and the sales process. Here are three elements that are needed for exceptional personalization.

Exceptional Personalization in the Energy Sales Process

1. Always Having Accurate Data

Data drives the energy business. Sales are calculated by a person’s load factor and market trends. You can lose sales, customers, and credibility when data is inaccurate. Having a large data pool will not go far if it is inaccurate. Inconsistencies prevent data from being personalized to the specific customer. Simply providing personalized data can be just as effective, if not more, than merging large data pools. As a supplier, you do not have as much customer information as a retailer. Whenever you find out information, it is smart to store it in customer management software so you can have an overarching view of your customers over time. Demographic information can help you understand your customers on a deeper level. Pairing that information with behavioral information and other data, you can comprehensively understand their habits, patterns, and preferences. Keeping every piece of data in one centralized platform can help you find relevant deals and accurate information quickly. 

2. Foster a Positive Team Culture

One person cannot complete every task and work across multiple sectors. A team that understands its responsibilities and works well together can create a positive culture within your business. When the top of the chain does not function properly, it will funnel down to the bottom. Brokers and clients will notice something is off and may even be affected if your team does not operate together smoothly. A culture that promotes working independently and within a team dynamic is crucial for continued success. Do not get caught up in the lie that there is only one correct way to perform a task or set up your team. Fostering innovation and creativity can help you find better and more efficient ways to level up your sales process. 

3. Automation Increases Effectiveness 

Campaigns must be effective to increase energy sales. Having accurate data is the first step in ensuring your efforts are effective. Automating commission will streamline the process while opening up time on your schedule for other tasks. CRM platforms can help you file each client's information in one place, making it easily accessible whenever needed. The software you choose should be able to accomplish numerous tasks. From commission to automatic quotes, to customer management, all of these elements work together to ensure your business is operating smoothly and effectively.  

Meeting and Exceeding Your Customer's Expectations

All in all, energy suppliers must meet their expectations to maintain customer satisfaction. As the public grows more and more frustrated with general marketing, personalized touches are proving to be successful. While finding ways to personalize your sales can be difficult, being creative can win you more deals. Knowing what the customer may need before they ever tell you can boost your sales and ensure they remain happy customers. By taking the information you have on file for each customer, you can encourage them to renew their contract by sending customized offers. Creating packages based on their load factor, adding smart-home devices based on their location, or upselling are creative ways to personalize your efforts. Taking advantage of personalization does not have to be difficult. Ensure accurate data, a dynamic team culture, and an effective work strategy. 

Understanding Risk/Reward and Selling Energy Futures is Your Greatest Asset 

Selling energy is not always a straightforward process. Sometimes, markets have high volatility making it difficult to offer low rates. When this happens, traditional personalization may not always win over the customer. In these cases, understanding risk and reward and selling energy futures becomes your greatest asset – but that does not mean personalization gets thrown out the window. You cannot sell energy futures without understanding your customer’s needs. Local rates, the client’s risk tolerance, and usage history are pivotal pieces of information that help you curate a customized plan so clients can get the best deal, even in a crazy market. Utilizing software can help limit risk and manage sales. 

Reducing Risk and Increasing Sales Has Never Been Easier

Personalized energy deals can help your business reach new heights. With an efficient commission process, it leaves more time to focus on sales. High volatile markets can be risky, but with a unique understanding of the client’s needs, you can create customized plans to secure a mutually beneficial deal for you. Want to learn more about how you can streamline the commission process to free up time for sales efforts? Download our free guide, Top 7 Ways to Handle Your Energy Commissions

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