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Energy brokers and suppliers partner with us to help them boost sales, increase margins, and manage risk more efficiently…

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Welcome to POWWR. Energy software, made simple.

F O R  B R O K E R S



For energy brokers seeking to grow and automate sign-ups

“POWWR has helped us button up our operation and make us run more efficiently.” — Cody O’Connor, Director of Sales & founder of Ideal Energy

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F O R  S U P P L I E R S



For sales teams seeking to grow their energy book faster

“… the most effective solution for our business needs to increase growth…” — Neil Mitchel, Commercial Director, POWWR client

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F O R  S U P P L I E R S



For risk managers seeking to increase margins & reduce risk

“We literally could not run our business as… efficiently… without POWWR’s suite of software.” — Travis Andrews, SVP of Supply at Summer Energy

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F O R  E N E R G Y  B R O K E R S

Brokers; Gain access to quicker quotes, automated enrollments, and fewer dropped sales with far less manual effort.


Sign-ups, made simple.

How much are dropped transactions costing you? How many deals are lost because of delayed pricing? How long is it taking you to manually process contracts? Let Broker360 do the heavy lifting.

Icon_CheckmarkBackground_Green_Checkmark Streamline pricing and contracting
Icon_CheckmarkBackground_Green_Checkmark Connect with competitive suppliers
Icon_CheckmarkBackground_Green_Checkmark Calculate commissions & predict revenue
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F O R   E N E R G Y  S U P P L I E R S

Suppliers can increase sales and manage risk with these two powerful solutions


Sales growth, made simple.

Outdated tools and manual processes are giving your competition the edge by allowing them to win more profitable deals faster than you can. Sales360 allows you to automate custom pricing for your brokers in a snap.

Icon_Checkmark_Blue Boost sales
Icon_Checkmark_Blue Price the right deals in minutes
Icon_Checkmark_Blue Connect with brokers
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Risk management, made simple.

Volatility and poor positions are causing your margins to shrink and force higher pricing. Put a stop-loss on your margins and get your business profitable again with Risk360.

Icon_Checkmark_Purple Increase margins
Icon_Checkmark_Purple Manage risk
Icon_Checkmark_Purple Forecast revenue
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To become a leader, you need an easier way to grow your business. The problem is that most brokers and suppliers are using disparate and outdated tools which makes you feel frustrated and unable to compete in a marketplace that’s moving faster each year. We believe there’s an easier path to

success. We understand how it feels to be challenged and work with inadequate tools, which is why we’ve spent the last 12 years building the first end-to-end, best-in-class retail energy SaaS tools on the market. Tools designed to deliver faster, more reliable, and more profitable transactions.


Energy Suppliers

1.6 million

Quoted B2B Transactions


Registered Brokers


Industry & Product Experts

Better Energy Solutions...

Serving energy brokers and suppliers to help eliminate clutter and inefficiencies that can lead to increased errors and lost opportunities.


Automated Custom Pricing

POWWR makes it easier to have your custom quotes completed in a matter of minutes — giving you many more opportunities to price and close more profitable deals.


Price Comparison Websites

Brokers, get your personally branded Price Comparison Website (PCW) set up in minutes and sign up customers 24/7 on auto-pilot. Generate leads and open new markets.


Marketplace Access

When you partner with POWWR, you’ll get access to our broker and supplier network to build new relationships and increase the number of successful transactions.


Commission Calculation

Fast and accurate processing of your most complex commission scenarios (including projected, billed and paid) which saves you time, money and keeps brokers happy.


Forecast Revenues

Track and validate revenues and costs including forecasted P&L, settle mark-to-market, billed and un-billed revenue reporting, automated daily settlements, and much more.


Automated Enrollments

Enhance the sales experience with customer and meter management, quote generation, billing status validation and more with less manual effort and reduced errors.

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Stop losing sales to your competition

Outdated tools and manual processes are giving your competition the edge by allowing them to win more profitable deals faster than you can.

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