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A well-run commission system can serve to grow your business by allowing your sales channels to approach their opportunities with confidence.

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Is your commission calculation processing all over the place? Are your payments accurate and on time? The Sales360 commission calculation module will revolutionize your interactions with your growing broker network and all reports and payments will flow directly into the very same system with fast and accurate processing of your most complex commission scenarios.

Energy Commissions
without the Hassle

Processing energy commissions can be a laborious, daunting task. On top of that, it tends to be a thankless job. After working diligently on large quantities of accounts and transactions, as soon as checks are issued and payments are made, the barrage of calls and complaints begins. Because we witness these scenarios on a daily basis for hundreds of brokers and suppliers, we can help you focus on the key elements that can take your commissions operations from an absolute monthly nightmare, to a peaceful non-event.

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Top 7 Ways to Handle Your Energy Commissions Without Having to Spend Your Life Fielding Complaints!

Managing Commissions for your energy business can be time consuming, error prone, and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Custom Price Quotes in Minutes

Standard custom pricing can take up to 5 days or more to turn around with back and forth requests, customer signing, enrollment confirmations and even more delays causing you to lose deals each month. Not anymore. Sales360 makes it easier to have your custom quotes in minutes.


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Expand Your Network

Would you like to get your prices in front of more brokers and sales channel partners to win more deals? Now you can. Our entry level of Sales360 offers just that. Simply pay per transaction that lands through the Energy Marketplace Network.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sales360 handle bad usage data that can interfere with the sales/pricing process?

The Sales360 Usage Automation Module makes this data available from multiple sources (including EDI, ECL and WEB) for you and your brokers making pricing faster and more accurate.

My commission calculation process is challenging, causing payments and statements to be inaccurate at times. Can Sales360 handle my unique compensation plans?

Yes! The Sales360 commission calculation module will revolutionize your interactions with your growing broker network and all reports and payments will flow directly into the very same system making it easier to detect claw-backs and make your payments on time. Sales360 can quickly and accurately handle the processing of your most complex commission scenarios which will save you time, money and keep your broker network happy.

Does Sales360 offer extensive reporting insights for my stakeholders?

Yes! Sales360 Insights offers advanced analytics that can handle all your reporting needs at your fingertips including sales, broker and sales agent performance, deal status, churn, commissions, renewals and more to share with your executive teams, operations and sales leaders, 24/7.

I have internal sales channels that sell exclusive deals. Can Sales360 track, maintain, price and pay commission on these deals?

Yes! Sales360 was built to keep all of that under control. The flexibility allows you to to be agile in your customer offerings, ensuring these exclusive deals are displayed and paid correctly.

How can I benefit from my sales channel using Broker360?

If there are brokers you know that don’t have their own systems, or are considering building their own system that could lead to a disastrous integration process, you can recommend that they use Broker360 for several reasons. Brokers that adopt Broker360 are automatically connected to Sales360. Your deals will complete in record time, giving you a clear competitive advantage and they will have a much faster and more seamless experience. This connection can give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace with real-time quoting, offer presentation, automated contracting & enrollments, account status data and reporting, and complete + accurate commission reconciliation.

What about Brokers that have their own proprietary systems? Can Sales360 integrate with these systems?

Yes! The Sales360 Connected API can create a seamless journey between your largest brokers and your operational team for automated pricing, contract generation, data validation, and updated statuses.

I’m constantly bombarded with emails, phone calls, spreadsheets, PDFs from my Broker network that don’t have their own systems. Can Sales360 help?

The Sales360 Broker Portal provides one place where these challenges can be addressed. When a broker logs into the Sales360 Broker Portal, they’ll have immediate access to pricing, be able to accept deals, auto-send contract(s) to customers with DocuSign, view status reports and completed enrollments. Now you’ll have more time to spend with your more productive sales channels.

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