Natural Gas Software, Made Simple...

Other software companies might offer you tools. Sometimes, more tools are not the answer. What you really need is a clear cut path to your desired business outcomes. Let POWWR show you the way with our Natural Gas Software.

For Large or Small Natural Gas Providers

For large providers…

We are a natural extension of your business.

Providing a unique software solution focusing on natural gas end-use markets. We can leverage your existing ETRM systems by integrating retail market information, providing a deeper level of precision, timeliness, and vision.

Give your traders the advantage of capturing maximum value in their futures and physical trades with Risk360’s real-time snapshots of market positions and forecasts.

Give yourself the advantage of seeing your net open position in time to make daily trade adjustments, maximizing profits, minimizing losses, and preserving cash flow.

For small & medium providers…

We’ve got you covered too…

Risk360’s platform serves as an ETRM or data of record for all activity within current wholesale ETRM by providing retail risk centralization and oversight that aggregates various volume and price positions in real-time.

Providing a rolling 30-day weather responsive forecast, allowing you to see its impact on each individual meter, cluster, and /or LDC retail load each. Align your forecast with your indexes. Upload or import templates so that third party schedulers can populate automatically from their spreadsheet aggregation.

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Fully integrates with your existing wholesale ETRM or can stand alone as your complete natural gas risk platform.

Projected imbalances | Real-time utilization of assets | Price and load volatility due to weather | Settlements impact | Instant market clarity & more

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Market Position

For Traders & Risk Managers. Live reporting showing the NET/OPEN position at pipeline, point & book.

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For Accounting, Supply & Trading. Gas financial mark-to-market reporting that is “live” and can be accessed at any time.

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Financial Analytics

For Risk Managers & Accountants. Forecasted revenue & average retail price by market & customized at the portfolio level.

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Daily Settlements

For Supply, Risk & Accounting. Versatile reconciliation of supplier invoices, pipeline and storage with data transparency at the high level down to report-specific.

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For Pricing Team & Accountants. Forecast usage & imbalances based on actual weather and provided on-demand (not monthly).

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For Traders & Schedulers. Forecasting load at utility & customer level, as well as allocation down the pipeline for purchasing.

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Weather Volatility

For Traders & Schedulers. Provides scenarios on how weather will impact demand, including extreme events.

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For Schedulers & Traders. Capacity reports by contract receipt/delivery points, rolled-up into one total capacity report.

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Data Integrity

For Accounting. Centralized reporting to easily locate billing discrepancies & correct immediately.

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For Schedulers. Storage matrices with injections and withdrawals from each facility by contract with daily reporting and reconciliation abilities.

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Switch & Flow

For Operations & Supply. Quick & easy access to customer start/drop dates, centralized & filtered to the individual.

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Customer Analytics

For Sales, Supply & Accounting. Identify problem areas to guide customer retention & acquisition efforts.

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Advantages & Value-Added

  • Oversight and centralization of the key drivers behind natural gas retail profitability.
  • Risk management volume and price.
  • Revenue and cash flow forecasting.
  • Settlements, storage,  and capacity tracking.
  • Providing an actual weather driven forecast and its impact on an individual meter, cluster, and /or LDC retail load each and every day up to 30 days.
  • Stress testing -Extreme weather analytics and the comparison of the “what if” NOP with seasonal normal (14-year average) and actual forecast NOP.
  • Active tracking (real time) of Net Open Position (NOP) or difference between forecast  load and hedge volume on a daily basis. Supply purchases are updated instantaneously.
  • MTM tracking  on Fixed priced  NYMEX  trades,  Basis,  and LDC area deliveries.
  • Shared or full in-house support in managing the POWWR G platform completely for the retail supplier within the POWWR team.
  • Reduce costs and enhance operational efficiency
  • Make better and more timely decisions based on more usable information.
  • Integrate a robust, scalable solution that all departments can share.
  • Better plan, manage and leverage your energy portfolio.
  • Optimize capacity and contract utilization – transportation, storage, futures.