Expert Managed Services

Other software companies might offer you tools. Sometimes, more tools are not the answer. What you really need is a clear cut path to your desired business outcomes. Let POWWR show you the way with our expert managed services team.

Electric Portfolio Managed Services

Weather can change at a moments’ notice and when it does, there are a lot of moving parts that may need to be quickly adjusted so that you stay in the money. Our experienced professionals within the Strategic Energy Services team can help guide you to the correct answers. Not only will we give you our view of the upcoming climate (yes, we have a Climatologist on staff!) but we can provide you with an idea of what the load of your customer base will look like under numerous, extreme weather scenarios. Your volumetric swing risk will be quantified, and your end result will be a well-informed and strategic hedge decision.

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Where POWWR Can Help

Our managed services team has over 200 years of Electricity and Natural Gas risk and position management experience. We can be part of your team or your entire team.


Risk & Position Management

Managing forecasting + extreme weather scenarios, scheduling and nominations, hedging, and portfolio management.


Regulatory & REC Services

Managing applications and registrations, supplier arrangements and negotiations, ISO, state, region, utility, pipeline, etc.


Sales & Growth Support

Managing price (model, matrix & custom), customer/broker on-boarding, contract facilitation, and broker commissions & relationships.

Holistic and Modular Approaches:

  • RPS Position including review of historical accrual.
  • Monthly accruals, retirements, and compliance filings for PJM-EIS, M-RETS, and NEPOOL-GIS.
  • Regulatory actions that pertain to the industry as well as RPS requirements.
  • Position monitoring and management, including RPS, Voluntary, Energy, and Capacity.
  • Scheduling services for PJM, MISO, NEISO, and ERCOT.
  • Weekly position reports and any additional analytical reporting for management.
  • Daily and monthly gross margin settlement estimates.
  • POWWR [FA] future financial analytics.
  • Pricing models for PJM, MISO, NEISO, and ERCOT.
  • FTR/ARR services (MISO and PJM).
  • Structured hedging scenarios that assist in mitigating pricing risk factors.
  • Pricing matrix data analyzation from vendors used to drive pricing updates.
  • Monitor and report Price to Compare [PTC] for internal reporting.
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Natural Gas Nominations Managed Service

Unlike electric scheduling, Natural Gas Nominations is not done simply with the push of a button. It is at best a juggling act. There is a TON of information you need to know in order to really do it right and save your company money in the process. If this is not done correctly it could cost your company tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The solution? POWWR Natural Gas Nominations Managed Service. Let us handle all of your Natural Gas nominations. WHY? We don’t just Nominate….WE OPTIMIZE! Our team of experienced Natural Gas professionals have seen a lot in their 50+ collective years in the Natural Gas business. They understand the utilities and their rules. They understand the pipelines and their constraints. They know how storage can fit into the mix. THEY KNOW! They work 365 days per year and are there when you need us most.

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Natural Gas

Software for large and small natural gas suppliers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of data is required to get started?

POWWR will integrate with your billing vendor or in-house billing system to receive meter level billing data to feed into our Bottoms Up forecast.  Additionally, POWWR will need all certificates to scrub ISO data for settlement reporting.

What type of reporting does POWWR provide and how frequent?

POWWR scrubs the ISO sites daily and produces settlement reports overnight for both current and projected.

faster and more accurate.

Are you offering price forecast?

Yes, POWWR offers proprietary hourly forward curves.

What type of Load Forecasting models and approach does POWWR take?

We use bottom-up and top-down with the most advanced modeling software, machine learning, and probabilistic weather forecasting to develop a custom-made forecast per client book.

What is POWWR’s pricing methodology?

POWWR takes the HUD and converts it into weather normalized forecasted load prior to pricing.   This will ensure the accuracy level on price will match the load forecast required for hedging and will support less risk of mispricing due to historical, not future load expectations.

Where is POWWR getting the account data to price?

POWWR can integrate with client usage data.  POWWR can also go direct (where available) via EDI, ECL to retrieve historical usage

What type of pricing support does POWWR offer?

POWWR offers Matrix and Custom pricing to our clients.  We work closely with our clients to fit their needs and expectations.

Is a client required to purchase all services or can selections be made ala carte?

POWWR software is modularized to fit our client ecosystem.  Additionally, our managed services are here for you, as your energy desk or an extension to your risk/supply team.

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