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30 January, 2024

When it comes to energy forecasting and analytics, there are a handful of key players in the market. But what is it that really sets POWWR apart and positions it as an unrivaled force in the industry? 

More than Managed Services

At first glance, POWWR may appear to be a software company providing Expert Managed Services but its true value extends far beyond that. POWWR offers customizable reports and provides users with a live reporting suite. This suite enables real-time access to critical data, empowering users to make timely and informed decisions.

Many competitors of POWWR are primarily known as service companies, and while this approach may work for some, it lacks the flexibility and adaptability required in today's dynamic energy market. POWWR's unique user-configurable reporting suite surpasses the limitations of customized reports, ensuring users have the power to generate precisely the insights they need when they need them.

World-class Forecasting

Accurate forecasting lies at the heart of effective energy management. However, POWWR’s competitors’ historical usage data is often monthly averaged with no dates. This leads to forecast errors and compromises precision. In contrast, POWWR provides world-class forecasting capabilities by employing historical usage meter read dates by account/meter for the past 24 months. This meticulous attention to detail allows POWWR to create highly accurate hourly curves, resulting in superior forecasts.

Shadow Settlements

Another critical area where POWWR differentiates itself is through its shadow settlements feature. Shadow settlements allow for the simulation of settlement data, enabling users to identify and correct potential settlement issues before they occur. This powerful tool can settle millions — and sometimes billions — of dollars annually, providing a substantial value-add to users. This feature is unavailable with many other competitors, leaving users vulnerable to potential settlement issues and errors that can significantly impact their bottom line. By adding shadow settlements to its already impressive repertoire of tools, POWWR puts users in the driver's seat of their energy management strategy, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve in a constantly evolving market.

Continuous Innovation and Improvement

POWWR shines when it comes to continuous investment in software and services. With an unwavering commitment to staying ahead of the technological curve, POWWR boasts a dedicated team that continuously enhances its software and services. Additionally, user groups play a pivotal role in guiding POWWR's development, ensuring the platform aligns precisely with the evolving needs of its users. This dedication to continuous improvement ensures that POWWR remains at the forefront of innovation in energy analytics.

While there may be lower-cost providers, POWWR offers far more than affordability. It provides a substantial return on investment by delivering an unparalleled range of features and functionalities that transcend traditional managed services companies. POWWR's dedication to continuous innovation and its laser focus on meeting the needs of its users sets it apart as a fair-priced provider that goes above and beyond expectations.

In conclusion, while other providers establish themselves as reliable service providers, POWWR's unique differentiators, including its user-configurable live reporting suite, world-class forecasting, and commitment to continuous innovation, place it in a league of its own. POWWR is more than just a managed services company; it is a dynamic energy analytics powerhouse that empowers users to unlock untapped potential in their energy management strategies. Book a demo and see how Risk360 can be a reliable service for your business.

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