How to Revolutionise Energy Procurement: Pro Insights for Sub-brokers

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2 February, 2024

As a sub-broker, expanding your market reach and improving your energy procurement process can be challenging. However, POWWR, the UK's largest SME contract aggregator, has covered you. With their innovative software platform and advanced API integrations, POWWR enables sub-brokers to connect to the largest energy suppliers in the UK and streamline their sales submission process from start to finish.

Direct Supplier Relationships

POWWR's software platform offers its brokers direct access to fully validate and submit contracts to the UK's largest energy suppliers. This gives sub-brokers a competitive edge and peace of mind, knowing that they can offer their customers a wide range of options from the best suppliers in the market.

Sub-brokers using POWWR have complete control over their contracts. They do not have to wait for the aggregator to handle contracts or provide updated prices from the supplier when prices change. This applies to pre-contract, during the contract, and at the renewal stages.

Streamlined Processes

POWWR's newly released software extension, CAPI Lite, creates smoother and more efficient integrations between Broker360 and Sales360, allowing contract information to be pushed from the WebCRM to the supplier portals at the time of contract submission. This minimizes downtime and creates more seamless transitions across software platforms.

In addition, POWWR's software platform further streamlines the sales submission process for sub-brokers by cutting out the middleman and allowing sub-brokers to go directly through the Broker360 platform. Automated supplier information requests help reduce sub-brokers' workloads and minimize errors, saving them valuable time and ensuring their customers get accurate and up-to-date information.

Through the WebCRM, sub-brokers can generate bespoke reports on all aspects of their sales and procurement journey, giving them valuable insights into their business performance and helping them identify areas for improvement.

Broker360 is revolutionizing the energy procurement journey for sub-brokers in the UK, offering direct access to the UK's largest energy suppliers, market insights, innovative API integrations, and advanced reporting and workflow tools. Sub-brokers can streamline their sales submission process, improve their business performance, and offer their customers the best deals on the market. To explore more on Broker360 and the Market Insights for sub-brokers, book a Broker360 demo; in this demo, we will help you learn how to expand into new markets, leverage the price comparisons, and use award-winning energy platforms that can help you win more deals.

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