POWWR's Broker360 Ticks All the Boxes for Focus Assured

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2 November, 2023

Energy management specialist switches from outdated legacy system to award-winning energy portal from POWWR 

[Manchester, 5th October 2023] — POWWR, the respected energy software provider, today announces that energy management specialist Focus Assured has moved to its award-winning energy portal Broker360. The solution enables the company to deliver optimal customer service as it grows and ensures it can help its customers manage their diverse utility portfolios effectively. 

Focus Assured required a solution to assist with various tasks, including customer organization and management, diarising, pricing, reporting, forecasting, commission recording, and transparency. The company was previously using a solution from a less established provider. However, it found the system outdated and clunky. “We wanted to progress to a completely bespoke solution that would keep us one step ahead,” explains Alex Andersons, Operations & Commissions Manager, Focus Assured. “We came across Broker360, and swiftly, it became the clear choice.” 

POWWR developed Broker360 with energy consultants in mind. It allows them to accelerate the entire sales cycle from start to finish. From instant pricing to sales analytics, with Broker360, energy consultants can easily scale their business and be empowered to make smarter strategic decisions to succeed and grow in today’s competitive energy landscape. 

"Broker360 is refined and intuitive; it does exactly what we tell it to do. I find particularly helpful the company details page within Broker360, where we can view all the meters and contracts in one place. However, it is the team at POWWR that makes the real difference. You can tell they care," enthuses Alex. “We view POWWR as a business partner rather than simply a service provider. So much so, that we start to wonder how we worked without them.” 

Focus Assured prides itself on delivering great customer service and doing all it can to help its clients manage their utility portfolios. Since moving to Broker360, the company has all the aspects of energy management covered, from basic procurement to complex renewable power purchasing agreements.  

“Broker360 ticked boxes we did not know we had. We are confident that it will not only continue to revolutionize the way we work but boost our efficiency to unimaginable heights,” adds Alex. “Since induction, we have already added value to our clients by unifying our data management, gaining complete workflow transparency, offering instantaneous reporting and forecasting, and expanding our supplier reach.” 

"You can tell that energy is Focus Assured’s passion. Broker360 helps the company not only minimize its client’s utility costs but advise them on the best solutions to drive efficiency and achieve their overall business goals,” says Matt Tormollen, CEO at POWWR.  

Because of Broker360's diversity of tools and features, it has become the gold standard for brokers looking to grow. With multiple plans available, one-person shops to large multi-location consultancies can choose the specific benefits of the portal that meet their current business objectives. For more information, please click here

About POWWR 

POWWR provides advanced platforms and simple solutions for over 65 energy suppliers and more than 1,400 brokers across the United States and the United Kingdom. It empowers energy suppliers and brokers to grow their businesses and create a transparent, connected journey. The company was previously known as UD Group in the United Kingdom. For more information on POWWR, please visit https://www.powwr.com/ or contact Jo Forsdike at jo.forsdike@powwr.com. 

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