3 Reasons to Use POWWR's Energy Broker Software

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4 October, 2022

As an energy broker, finding a way to win more deals faster and with greater efficiency is essential. Your business relies on the deals you make and the effectiveness with which you help them choose the right energy provider. 

You’ve considered using automation solutions that can help you maximize and grow your business. However, there are many energy broker software out there that claim to be the solution you need. It can be a challenge to weed through them all to find the software option that is right for you.

Fortunately, POWWR’s energy broker software, Broker360, is a top tool that has the ability to help you get the job done quickly and accurately. 


Offered by POWWR, Broker360 is an incredibly fast way to get instant access to the full energy market. The package includes quote generation, template editors, and supplier access, making it a full-service energy broker software. 

The most common solutions needed by energy brokers include instant price comparison, the ability to quickly generate quotes for customers and deliver verified contracts, as well as a simple and effective platform to manage clients. Broker360 offers a streamlined way to take care of all of these essentials in one easy-to-use platform designed specifically for energy brokers. 

This software is the best way for energy brokers to ensure a seamless process from beginning to end, delivering top results for their clients. 

Top 3 Reasons to Use POWWR’s Energy Broker Software

Streamlined Energy Brokerage Process

Broker360 is an all-in-one energy brokerage platform. Everything you need to help your clients compare providers, choose the best one, and even get started with them, is included in Broker360. 

With the energy broker software from POWWR, you will have access to all of the features and resources needed to ensure an effective brokerage process. Access to live market price books and contracts, quote generators, contract production, and other essential tools help you deliver the easiest and most accurate process out there. 

As everything you need is in one place, you won’t have to worry about finding other resources and tools. With Broker360, you’ll experience a streamlined process that delivers results.

Simplified From Beginning to End

Broker360 was designed to be a one-stop shop for energy brokers. There’s nothing else you’ll need to help your clients find the right energy solutions. Not only is Broker360 the only tool you’ll need from start to finish, but it’s also incredibly simple to use. You can increase your reach and expand into new markets simply by using the POWWR marketplace. 

When you use Broker360 and follow a few easy steps, you’ll be able to access every resource you need to deliver results, including the marketplace suppliers. 

  • Register deals in Broker360 or use the Broker360 price API.
  • Receive prices from your direct suppliers and POWWR’s marketplace suppliers. 
  • Choose the best option for each client. 

Greater Success

Broker360 makes it easy to have successful transactions almost every time. With all of the features including access to the marketplace, accurate quote generation, and company comparisons, nearly every decision made will be the right one. 

The automatic contract generation that comes with Broker360 ensures that you’ll have your clients signed up and ready quickly. Every choice and every contract is another success. 

If you’re ready to discover the best energy broker software out there, take a look at Broker360. 

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