Energy Broker Software Pays For Itself — Make Up Your Costs In Commissions

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8 September, 2022

How large is your pool of supplier relationships? Do you have access to pricing across all energy markets in the United States and the United Kingdom? How much time do you think you waste each day updating and resting spreadsheets? And how much business do you miss out on while you sleep or on vacation?

If you’ve been asking yourself any of these questions, you’re not alone. Energy brokers today are competing more than ever to capture energy contracts that will give them a competitive edge. We’re going to contrast the outdated method of winning energy broker contracts with energy broker software and explain how it will pay for itself.

The Old Way Of Paying Energy Brokers

Let’s start with the premise that the “old way” is still today’s norm. We believe our energy broker software not only changes the game but will give you a leg up on your competition by bringing more contacts to your network and finished contracts on your desk — winning you more energy broker commission. 

Most Energy Brokers Are Paid Directly By The Supplier

In fact, 98% of deals today are handled this way. It’s basically the deal-established margin rate with the previous month’s volume (electric or gas).

Clients Pay Broker Directly

The remaining 2% of deals is a negotiated fee paid by the client directly to the broker.

What Figures Make Up A Broker’s Margin?

A broker has to consider several factors that increase the transaction’s cost:

  • Is it a large, complex deal?
  • Is more than one location a factor?
  • Will more time funnel into a custom transaction?
  • Are multiple brokers competing for the same deal?
  • Is this custom usage load expected to increase?
  • Are there opportunities to include other services?

A New Way To Sell And Manage Energy

At POWWR, we help you sell and manage energy more efficiently by providing advanced platforms and simple solutions for both suppliers and brokers. In fact, we provide the only end-to-end connected journey for energy sales. Let’s look at some of the game-changing differences.

Work Even When You’re Not Working

You’ll never suffer from FOMO again. With POWWR’s PCW, your customers have 24/7 access to pricing.

Customers Become Empowered

We are all used to getting the information we need with a few clicks of the mouse. Our site generates an instant price with an immediate opportunity to sign a contract online.

Customer Relationships Improve

Because your customers now have transparent access to any energy market’s pricing they know you have their best interests at heart.

New Markets Become Available

You are now able to engage with the most competitive electric and gas suppliers.

Connected API

You can connect your platform with our applications to efficiently navigate the procurement journey thanks to POWWR’s intelligent API integrations.

Become A Retail Energy Solutions Leader With POWWR

Using POWWR’s Broker360 energy broker software will allow your company to free up valuable management hours to re-focus on growing the front end of your business. You’ll be able to tighten up your operations and run more efficiently.

And while you could resort to fixing the cost of the software into your margins, we don’t think you’ll need to. We believe the increase of new contracts, new prospect leads, new network members, and improved business efficiency will give you the ability to earn the energy broker commission you deserve. 

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