U.K. Energy Brokers: ADR Scheme Deadline is 31/8/22

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8 August, 2022

U.K. Energy Brokers: Your Ability to Sell Energy May be at Risk

Some background:

Ofgem have been looking to improve the experiences of micro-business customers, including better and fairer deals. As part of their work over the last 18 months, they ran the ‘Micro business Strategic Review’ which included a call for evidence and a statutory consultation. As a result, they’ve decided that energy suppliers will only be able to work with brokers that are signed up to an approved dispute resolution scheme.

Who are Ombudsman Services?

Ombudsman Services has been providing independent dispute resolution services across the energy, communication and parking sectors since 2002. They are a purpose-led, not for profit organisation with people at the heart of what they do. Their mission is to build trust by ensuring that businesses treat customers fairly.

Ombudsman Services works alongside Ofgem during the review process to build the scheme. To gain a better understanding of the types of disputes that commonly occur between brokers and microbusinesses, and the challenges of operating in the space, they ran a small pilot. They also engaged with energy suppliers and other stakeholders to more fully understand the relationships, services and contracts currently being sold to micro businesses.

Have you registered?

This post serves as a reminder that the registration window for the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme closes on the 31/08/22.

How does this impact you?

From the 01/12/22 Energy suppliers will only be able to work with third-party intermediaries that are listed on the ADR Ombudsman register. This includes all companies selling to micro business-customers.

What do I need to register?

You will need to complete the Deed Poll form and provide a copy of your Complaints handling procedure (CHP).  The current annual membership subscription is £300 per member, there are also additional fees per case.

How do you register?

On the Ombudsman website you can access the registration form. The website includes videos of the sessions completed by the Ombudsman, FAQ’s and supporting documents/guides.  

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