Top 5 Things You Should Tell Your Customer About Energy Management

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8 August, 2022

As an energy broker, competition is something you are accustomed to. More and more businesses need energy management solutions to help cut down their energy costs so they can operate more efficiently. These companies often turn to professionals to help understand the complexities of the industry, investigate what their energy needs are, and share how they can cut down costs and move forward.

But with an increase in competition in this space, how can you ensure that companies choose you over another energy broker? Well, the key is not only looking into a quality lead generation software platform but also ensuring you are sharing the most crucial information with your customers.

Keep reading below to learn the top 5 things you should tell your customers about energy management so you can continue to increase your business’s traffic and stand out from your competition.

The Importance of Access to Many Suppliers

Reputable energy brokers will have a network of at least 30-50 suppliers and customers need to understand the importance of having access to this many suppliers. In order for clients to receive the best rates, there needs to be strong competition amongst suppliers. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure they have access to a strong pool of suppliers.

The Support Needed for a Comprehensive Energy Management 

This is especially important to communicate to new clients or those that are new to needing energy management. We have found that many clients entering this space for the first time simply don’t understand the complexity and support they need to truly get the best rates. It’s important to show them the way and act as their guide to success rates and savings. 

The Energy Management Process

Customers want transparency and that includes showing them what the energy management process looks like. Educate customers on the bidding process, as well as how utilizing reverse auctions can be used. Once you educate them on this, review with your customers how the Request for Pricing (RFP) is developed. Customers are looking for a broker that understands their energy goals and will want to ensure that you as a broker include term lengths, bandwidth, charges, and terms within the RFP. Another important aspect of the process they will need to be educated on is the contracting process. Since every supplier has a different contract and process that they follow with booking, be sure to give them a comprehensive view of the details so there are no surprises.

When is a Good Time to Buy

The last thing customers want is to feel pressured into a sale. Instead, be transparent about the market and showcase your knowledge of this. Share market drivers and any knowledge you have about how the future market will develop. Based on what you share, potential clients can then make an educated buying decision for themselves.

Your Licenses, Certifications, and Skillset As a Broker

When it comes to turning potential customers into actual clients one of the most important things you can do is to highlight what makes you the best energy broker around. Clients want to hear about your credentials so take this as an opportunity to list them off. All energy brokers are expected to be licensed by the Public Utility Commission and your applicable state. Customers will want to ensure you have this license, but they will also want to see any additional certifications and licenses beyond that.

Additionally, what makes an energy broker stand out from the competition is a well-rounded team who are skilled beyond energy management and can bring experience in engineering, management, or even IT. Having a well-rounded team behind your energy management ensures you are skilled in project management and using data to best implement energy strategies.

When it comes to marketing your energy management firm, we want you to work smarter, not harder. One way you can do this is by creating a comprehensive plan that encourages everyone involved to work towards your goals. POWWR can help you become not only a market leader in the energy space but help you win more deals and leverage smart technology so you can do the most for your clients.

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