Energy Suppliers: Want to See Sales Growth? Quit Delaying Quotes!

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13 March, 2023

Boosting sales growth is imperative. Without growth, your energy business will struggle to last. Sales growth can be an obscure goal and even difficult to achieve. However, improving your business will only produce positive results and happy relationships. As an energy supplier, you know that relationships are the lifeblood of your business. When they are healthy, your business will thrive. One of the most common pain points in supplier-customer relationships is misinformation and delayed quotes. To help you prevent these frustrations and secure happy, healthy relationships, we outline some of our favorite ways suppliers can foster sales growth.   

Don't Drag Your Feet on Sales Growth

As an energy supplier, one of the most important things you can do is foster growth. When increasing sales is not one of your top goals, you can miss out on important opportunities. As a result, you and your team could fall behind your competitors. Sales growth must be at the forefront of your strategy to protect your business. With all the little tasks you have to complete throughout the day, it can be easy to push off your sales efforts to tomorrow. Instead of completing every little task manually, consider streamlining your process with an energy supplier platform. 

Increasing profitability is not the only reason to focus on growth. When you put energy into acquiring new customers, you build relationships with current customers while establishing credibility with potential customers. In the energy industry, relationships can be a deal breaker. Knowing this, you will not just wait for potential customers to come to you. Putting conscious effort into your marketing and growth strategies will help you foster old and new relationships. 

Expedite Your Sales Cycle

One tactic to help your business grow is to expedite the sales cycle. A long, drawn-out process is not beneficial for you and is not attractive to potential customers. When no one benefits, it costs you precious time and resources that could be spent on other tasks. Though speeding up the process can be a fabulous way to acquire new customers, it should not sacrifice accuracy. Short, accurate sales cycles will be more likely to see a positive outcome and boost your credibility. 

We know that speeding up sales cycles is an obscure recommendation. Every supplier will not be slower in the same area. However, we have found that these general tips can be practical ways for suppliers to increase their speed. 

1. First and Foremost, Organization is Key. 

If your client’s information is hard to find or all over the place, it can confuse and lengthen the process. Keeping everything in a structured system can help your sales cycle long term. 

2. Set Goals and Take Proactive Steps Towards Achieving Them 

If you want to bring on a certain number of customers within the next few months, start making phone calls, sending emails, and talking with partners. It can be hard to have a mindset of growth without setting an obtainable goal. 

3. Do Not Neglect Customer Service 

Oftentimes, suppliers can get caught up in acquiring new customers that they forget about the current ones. When communication is not a priority, customers can feel like they are not valued and cared for. If it continues, they may leave and find a new supplier altogether. When you have excellent customer service, you show that they are your priority, not their business.  

Say Goodbye to Manually Entering Data Into Spreadsheets

Manually entering information into spreadsheets is quickly becoming a thing of the past. With new technology, you can store all your data on software and eliminate unnecessary paperwork. Every energy supplier knows how time-consuming tracking data can be. Accurate and insightful data is one of the most essential things a supplier can have, and it can be easily obtainable with the right software. Without data, you would not know energy trends or a consumer’s load factor. You could lose potential customers by offering outdated quotes when your data is incorrect.

When you need extra time to triple-check that your information is correct, it wastes precious time. Potential customers do not want delayed quotes or inaccurate pricing. Demonstrate that you are the best energy supplier for the job. 

Say Hello to Quick Quotes

Instead of being slowed down by old data, ensure it is always right by setting up automated tracking. Utilizing software can reduce the number of small tasks you have to do daily and enhance your offerings. You can also build strong relationships through software, where you know the information will be correct, and you can translate that back to your consumers building trust that your numbers will be correct.

Automating data not only allows you to have the correct information but can also lay the groundwork for generating quotes quickly by automating the process. When your quotes have a streamlined system, it will help you win more deals because of your customers get quick quotes creating strong relationships between you and your clientele.  

Handle Your Commissions With Ease

When you increase sales, you can grow clientele while building relationships. One of the most important relationships you will have as an energy supplier is with brokers. When you partner with an energy broker, they rely on you to have the best deals based on accurate data. If your data is incorrect, their commission will also likely be wrong. Energy Commission is known to be a monthly headache and can create unnecessary tension between suppliers and brokers. Instead of fielding complaints and taking up time to double-check your calculations, automate commissions for a streamlined, stress-free process. You can learn more about properly setting up commissions with our Top 7 Ways to Handle Energy Commission.

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