Build Trust and Win Over Energy Brokers: The Power of Precision

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1 May, 2023

Trust is critical in any relationship. Marriages, friendships, and parent-child relationships require trust to be healthy and sustainable. Trust helps us feel safe and secure; without it, relationships quickly deteriorate. The same is true in business relationships. When a person does not trust a business partner to follow through on their end of the deal, it can grow resentment and even end partnerships.

As retail energy suppliers, building trust with energy brokers is one of the best ways to create a sustainable business. Let's look at how honesty, transparency, consistency, and accuracy, can set your business apart and help you produce better relationships with energy brokers.  

Building Trust with Energy Brokers

Before building trust with brokers, you must establish a solid foundation. You must show energy brokers that you are trustworthy in a relationship with them first. Relationships are essential for any business and can help you get new clients, increasing your profit. As energy suppliers, strategically selling your services to new energy brokers is sometimes easy. Showing brokers why partnering with you can be the best option for them and their clients is one of the first things you should do.

When brokers are not convinced you will uphold your promise of competitive pricing, honest communication, and accurate commission, they will work with another supplier. If they do not get anything out of the relationship, they will find a supplier elsewhere offering a better deal. Offering competitive pricing and innovative features can set you apart from other suppliers and convince energy brokers to partner with you. 

Honest Communication Goes a Long Way In Retail Energy

Communication can make or break a relationship. While you are in the beginning stages of building new relationships, pay extra attention to how you come across energy brokers. If you are continuously messing up commission calculations or missing deadlines, it will strain your relationship. Having honest and transparent communication about every aspect of the business is crucial, especially regarding commission.

Transparency lets energy brokers know precisely what their cut will be when they receive it and how it is calculated. Being transparent about the financial aspects of your business and deals will give energy brokers a better understanding of your business and increase their confidence in your skills. When you are not freely providing this information, energy brokers will look elsewhere for a new supplier.

Precision is Key 

Predictability can have a negative connotation; however, it is a strength in the business world. When energy brokers know they can count on you for precise, consistent, and reliable commission and energy pricing, you will foster a positive relationship. Learning their commission and repeatedly changing pricing can be challenging for brokers. This can create confusion and frustration that could ultimately lead to energy brokers ending their partnership with you. As you continue to foster these relationships, having similar calculations delivered on time will be one of the best things you can do. 

However, we know that business will only sometimes be consistent. Things change, and that is okay. You cannot promise that you will always be able to offer the same commission rate and pricing. You can pledge to prioritize clear and timely communication before a change occurs. Giving energy brokers a heads-up before the commission or prices can give them time to develop a new game plan without scrambling to adjust their schedules at the last minute. Plus, it shows you value their time and expectations as a business partner. 

Give Accurate and Timely Information

One of the biggest headaches for energy brokers is pricing. When pricing constantly changes, it can eliminate a broker's trust in your business. Retail energy is only sometimes predictable; however, you should offer solutions to ensure pricing is as close as possible. While the market can be ever-changing, having reliable and accurate calculations will set you apart.

A broker's decision to trust you begins and ends with your ability to achieve their goals and needs. When your pricing does not account for their desires, you will find that the trust has been broken, and you will have to work hard to earn it back. Be sure to hear back from energy brokers. Instead, have all the information they need regarding accurate pricing ready and available. 

Innovative software has become an incredible tool to help you keep track of commission rates and pays. Energy software is one of the best ways to ensure your numbers are always on time and correct. Plus, delayed quotes are one of the biggest hindrances to sales growth. Energy brokers want suppliers to have a streamlined system that helps them close on a deal faster. Using software automates small tasks to help expedite the process and ensure you always have accurate calculations. When your numbers are always exact, brokers will begin to notice. 

Gain the Trust of Energy Brokers 

Gaining the trust of energy brokers is crucial, but you have to work for it. Every aspect of your business should show brokers that you prioritize their relationship and want to make their job as easy as possible. You must demonstrate honesty, transparency, consistency, and accuracy to gain trust.

When your numbers do not add up correctly or are delivered a day late, you can quickly lose the trust that you have worked so hard to gain. Utilizing energy software to help manage your calculations, you will find that it gives you a competitive advantage over your competition. Please take advantage of the perfect opportunity to show brokers that you fit the job. Instead, win them over with continuously consistent and accurate information. 

Start the Journey to Accurate Commissions in Your Retail Energy Business

Retail energy is a competitive industry, and setting yourself apart from the competition begins with building trust. Using energy software can revolutionize your calculations, ensuring they are always accurate, timely, and transparent. Stop wasting time on little tasks and automate your calculations for the best results. Learn how to provide precise commission calculations and increase a broker's trust in your business by downloading our free guide, Top 7 Ways to Handle Your Energy Commissions, today.

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