Energy Broker Management Software: A Competitive Edge on Competition

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20 December, 2022

As the energy broker field continues to grow, competition rapidly increases. Setting yourself apart from others in the industry is vital to sustaining growth and building your portfolio. An energy broker management software may be your best solution to staying ahead of the curve while fostering your relationships with clients and suppliers. 

What is Broker Management Software?

Management software helps brokers sort through suppliers and find the best match for their clients. Keeping up to date with prices, packages, contact information, suppliers, and client accounts can be difficult. Ultimately, broker management software gives you an efficient and effective way to organize your accounts and make the energy procurement process easier. 

What Software Do You Need as a Broker?

With the numerous different resources available, how do you know which ones are worth investing in? The selected software should push your business forward and help it stand out from the vast competition. If a broker is not on top of their tasks, they could risk losing potential customers. To prevent this from happening, energy broker software is a vital resource. The Broker360 Portal is an all-encompassing software that will help streamline your process. From obtaining new clients to keeping track of payments, there are numerous different software that an energy broker should consider. Let’s discuss three of them.


Customer relationship management is vital to securing new business and maintaining existing customers. This software helps you track all communication and manage the sales process. With a click of a button, you can view all of the data on your sales reps activity and customers to get a holistic view of where those accounts stand. To be a successful energy broker, investing in CRM software is one of the best decisions you can make. 

Team Management

With any brokerage, you will want to customize your team setup and manage it effectively. Having software that can help you assign tasks, set up specific user roles, and establish sales teams can help your business stay organized and streamline communication. Assigning leaders and automatically moving deals from one team to another are small ways a team management system can have a large impact on your business operations. 

Email Template System 

Email marketing software can give your business a more professional look. Design email templates for every situation. From welcoming new customers to enrolling suppliers, having a fresh look will improve your credibility and create a brand around your business. While this system can allow the audience to subscribe or unsubscribe to emails freely, it can also help you meet deliverables. CAN-SPAM regulations are important and should be followed unless you want a fine. Systems that specialize in email marketing can ensure those regulations are closely followed. 

Benefits of Broker Management Software

The real question boils down to what benefits come with using energy broker software. The energy broker industry can be cutthroat. With a ticking clock always counting down to the loss of a potential client, it is imperative that you deliver fast, verified quotes. With broker management software, it gives you a leg up against the competition and helps you serve your clients more efficiently. If you are feeling overwhelmed, management software, like Broker360, can help you complete your work quickly and accurately. 

POWWR Specifics 

What sets Broker360 apart from other management software? Here are five elements to consider. 

1. Secure New Customers 

Impeccable customer service is vital to generate new business. Our energy broker software is designed to help manage and maintain customer relationships. From the initial email to following up after a deal is closed, the Broker360 Portal will send you reminders to contact your potential and current customers. Do not miss important deadlines, instead, stay on top of tasks and win customers over with your stellar customer service. Plus, everyone loves a deal. Broker360 allows you to compare your rates with competitors to ensure yours are the same, if not better. 

2. Establish Your Credibility 

With the Broker360 portal, you will receive your own branded website to display rates and plans for customers along with an email template editor. Build price comparison sites and create strategically targeted email campaigns to further your credibility with customers. This allows potential customers to know and understand their options all while establishing your business as a reliable source. You should make it clear to customers through the website that you are in control of your plans and can be trusted to fulfill their needs. Be sure to also include reviews and testimonials on your website. There’s no better way to establish trust with consumers than through the opinions of others.

3. Proficiently Complete Your Work

Suppliers are constantly sending new pricing books and updating their terms. Energy brokers have to manually sort through and keep a record of the updates. With the Broker360 Portal, you can efficiently manage your team, quote gas and electricity and have a seamless experience for your customers. Don’t waste time and money on tools and manual tasks that can be completed all within the energy broker software. The good news? Our API integrations will let you connect Broker360 to your existing CRM portal. Let your team focus on the most important tasks while Broker360 handles the rest. 

4. Know How Your Business is Performing

The more data you can compile on a regular basis, the more insight you will have to increase growth. With reliable information about your business portfolio, you can help your business excel and attract more customers. With Broker360, we provide comprehensive reporting so you can make the best next steps for your business. 

5. Gain Access to Energy Marketplace 

Not only will you be able to improve your current supplier and client relationships, you will also gain access to a whole myriad of energy suppliers. Find suppliers that you are not currently doing business with immediately after signing up. After examining the list, reach out to some and begin working with them to secure the best deals for your customers. If you want considerable opportunities, the Broker360 Platform is for you! 

Why You Should Choose POWWR for Your Broker Management Software

POWWR does not offer a cookie-cutter plan but instead has multiple packages for you to choose from. Our four different plans ensure that you will be investing in customized energy broker software that is best suited for your business needs. From Marketplace access to the ability to calculate your predicted revenue, our award-winning energy portal will be the ideal solution for creating a streamlined business system that wins more deals. Not only that, but we will not leave you to figure it out on your own. As a Broker360 user, you will be assigned an account manager and support specialist to help you out along the way. 

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