Increase Your Sales Volume by Connecting with More Energy Brokers

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21 March, 2023

There is nothing more telling that an energy supplier’s sales volume. This metric is the number of deals you win over a given period and can provide valuable insight into your strategies' effectiveness. When you have a low sales volume, it can be a warning sign to reevaluate your efforts and adjust areas that may not be landing well. Finding new tactics and strategies that can be a game changer for your business. Energy brokers are a supplier’s first contact and lifeline for new deals. When you have a wide broker network, it increases your chances for growth. One of the best ways to connect with brokers is through energy software. These platforms have features that allow you to contact brokers and expedite the networking process. Our Sales360 is an all-in-one system to help suppliers increase sales. We are confident that our platform can be a valuable tool for your business. Why? Because it can help you network with brokers around the country. 

Connect With Potential Energy Brokers

Prospecting is a hassle but is essential to find brokers to help you close deals. Finding those people as quickly as possible can help your business reach new heights. When you do this manually, it can be time-consuming and frustrating. However, our Sales360 software automates as much of the process as possible, making reaching new customers easy. 

When you are in contact with so many brokers, it is essential to have an organized system. This will enable you to have all their contact information and other important details in one place. Tracking the sales process is essential but is most beneficial when it is streamlined. When you are making calls, having an organized system will minimize the time you would spend hunting information and asking questions you may already have the answers to. When you are communicating with brokers, they will not all be in the same stage of the sales process. Tracking their information can ensure you communicate in a way that is fitting with their stage. 

Increase Sales with Sales360

With Sales360, you can easily share instant pricing with brokers to gain new customers. When a broker needs or requests custom pricing, it can typically take days to evaluate the information and get a quote turned around. However, Sales360 expedites the process by ensuring you have a custom quote in minutes. Instead of losing a deal due to long wait times, this gives you ample time to focus on building relationships with brokers and closing deals. 

With the Sales360 platform, you gain an advantage over your competitors by offering tools such as real-time quoting, comparative offer presentations, automated contracting, automated enrollment, account status data & reporting, and commission reconciliation. All of these features are designed to strengthen your relationships with brokers and ensure you win more deals. Our energy software for suppliers makes the sales process quick and efficient. Get the pricing, accept the deal, auto-send the contract to your potential customer to sign, post-enrollment to the billing system, and complete the sale! We make it as easy for you as possible. 

Start Winning More Deals

The bottom line is that businesses cannot function without revenue. It is essential for growth and determines the company’s future. As an energy supplier, winning deals secures a specific amount of revenue over some time. Our Sales360 platform is one of the best tools to win more deals. Still not sure? Suppliers who use Sales360 see a 275% increase in profit. If that does not convince you, I do not know what will! 

In a high-volatility market, winning deals can be complex, and rejection can be discouraging. Your competition is fierce, and you must be able to offer the best package at the lowest price in order to win the deal. Selling energy futures is one way you can ensure you maintain revenue in an uncertain market. Agreeing to a predetermined price can close a future deal without knowing the actual cost. With energy software that tracks analytics, selling energy futures does not have to be a shot in the dark but can serve as a calculated, strategic method to close deals and secure revenue. 

Let the Energy Brokers Come to You

With energy software like Sales360, you can establish a brand and reputation for yourself and be easily recognizable by brokers. They will be able to connect with the most competitive suppliers on the market – anyone that utilizes Sales360. As our energy software helps you grow, you will also build a reputation for yourself. Once you have established credibility, you will find that the brokers will contact you. 

Do not hesitate to sign up for the Sales360 platform. The sooner you sign up for the energy software, the sooner you can reach out to brokers in the marketplace and build your own reputation. After all, investing in supplier-broker relationships is one of the most important aspects of your business. To learn more about the software, book a free demo today! 

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