Close Deals Now: How to Get Automated Custom Energy Pricing in Minutes

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24 March, 2023

Have you been stuck in an endless cycle of manual work? Do you always seem to be behind schedule? Do you feel overwhelmed with all your daily tasks? If you fall into these categories, you are not alone. Too many energy suppliers struggle to meet deadlines and win deals but are unsure why they always seem behind. However, we want to reassure you that being able to send energy pricing quickly and accurately is not impossible. 

What if we told you that there is an energy software that can give you back precious time while increasing the number of deals you close? With today’s technology, closing deals is faster and more efficient than ever! On top of that, if your clients change their minds abruptly or are interested in a different plan, you can easily get them a new quote in no time. If you want to learn more about how our Sales360 platform can automate your sales process to win more deals, keep reading! 

Automate Your Energy Pricing

Whenever you began your career in the energy industry, you were probably taught to use spreadsheets to track all pricing and data. While that is an essential skill as an energy supplier, it is no longer the only way to keep accurate data. With new technology, the need to manually input and calculate every number is not the sole method. Developing your sales process to meet your ever-changing industry trends and client needs can increase the number of deals you close. By automating your energy pricing, you can reduce the mass amount of spreadsheets and entries and get pricing sent to brokers in minutes. 

Regarding energy brokers relationships, one of the biggest frustrations with their job is the long wait times to hear back from suppliers with price quotes. If this is one of their biggest pain points, you can alleviate some of those feelings by automating your pricing. Not only are you serving your clients better, but you are also establishing trust and credibility with brokers. If you are easy to work with, a broker will continue to bring clients your way. Leave behind manual pricing to get a quicker, more accurate, and more efficient process. 

Upgrade Your Sales Process with Revolutionary Software

Energy software can optimize your sales process and day-to-day job responsibilities, but what does that entail? POWWR’s Sales360 software is incredible for expediting the pricing process. However, that is not its only feature. While pricing is a huge aspect of your job, it is not the only task on your to-do list. We want to make every aspect of your job more efficient so you can focus on building relationships with brokers and closing deals. Considering that, our energy software was designed to help you tackle any task. Your sales process will be revolutionized with automated contracts and enrollment, advanced analytics, and accurate commission calculation. 

Our Sales360 platform is dynamic and lets you be completely transparent with brokers. By setting up reports and payments in our system, you can always ensure accurate commission, even in the most complicated scenarios. Save yourself the time and hassle of calculating it manually and then having to field complaints. When your commission calculation is set automatically, it will make you and the brokers you work with happy. Data drives energy sales. Our energy software offers end-to-end visibility into your sales operations. This will help you know what is working and make more informed decisions. While pricing automation can help you save time, when the contracts and enrollment are also automated, it can streamline the whole sales process from start to finish. Efficiently complete sales and maintain healthy supplier-broker relationships with Sales360. 

Find New Brokers and Grow Relationships

Every supplier wants to grow their business and reach new levels in their career. Finding new brokers and reaching out to them can take time. Knowing which ones are reputable and easy to work with is a whole other battle in and of itself. Having a designated space to see different brokers and their contact information can expedite the process. With our Sales360 portal, you not only get access to beneficial tools that will simplify your workload, but you will also get access to POWWR’s Energy Marketplace Network. Here, you can get your prices from more brokers and win more deals. 

This feature gives you a competitive advantage against other suppliers in the industry. Simply load your matrix pricing into the system and provide your team’s contact information so manual price requests, completed enrollments, and new broker introductions can be sent straight to you. As you establish credibility within the Marketplace, the number of times you will need to reach out to brokers will decrease. Eventually, brokers will start making the first move. This reduces the time you spend hunting for deals, allowing you to focus on networking and fostering relationships. 

Close More Deals with Sales360

The transition from manual spreadsheets to energy software can be overwhelming and may seem unnecessary. However, technology will continue to be a leading force in the industry. As your clientele becomes accustomed to lightning-fast turnaround times, it will be imperative that you jump on the train and use energy software to stay competitive in the market. Our Sales360 platform is a straightforward way to streamline your sales process so you can focus on other important aspects of your job. We remove the hassle so you can focus on what matters. Do not continue to waste time calculating energy pricing manually when you have easy-to-learn energy software that is readily available to you. Automated energy pricing takes a weight off your shoulders and expedites the process, helping you close more deals. If you are ready to advance with the industry and reduce your daily tasks, book a demo of Sales360 today!

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