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20 February, 2023

The energy industry is booming. Energy suppliers feel pressured to offer the best deal for customers as competition increases. The ability to work fast and efficiently has become a necessary trait to be successful in the industry. When all your work is completed manually, it can be difficult to accomplish the task on time. In a field where beating your competitor is essential, otherwise, you can lose valuable deals, and manual work may only sometimes be the best course of action. Solutions that can help juggle the different aspects of your job and streamline the customer experience are critical for success. 

Sales360 has been developed specifically with you, the energy supplier, in mind. It can help you automate price deals, act as a commission management software, and manage every step of the customer journey, so you win deals over your competitors. This energy procurement platform will work to win you more deals, save money, and maximize efficiency. Here are some of the top reasons you should utilize Sales360 for your business. 

Boost Energy Sales 

Energy suppliers have growth at the forefront of their minds. However, with all the little tasks required, it can be hard to find the time to focus on sales. On top of that, competitors may have access to better deals while you have higher costs and limited exposure. With Sales360, you gain access to thousands of brokers in our Marketplace, exposing you to new sales opportunities. With a system that automates many of the tasks in the sales process it can limit the amount of time you spend setting everything up. When you have increased margins, you give competitors time to swoop in and convince brokers to work with them. Instead, utilize Sales360 to win brokers over and give yourself a competitive edge. 

Automate Energy Quotes and Contracts 

Comparing quotes and writing contracts is one of the most time-consuming aspects of your job. However, Sales360 makes it one of the easiest and most efficient. Our software eliminates the need to key in a contract manually and can expedite quotes. We go the extra mile by allowing the platform to run instant credit checks with your preferred provider. When the manual work is reduced, it can free up a lot of time for you to focus on account management. Make you and your team more effective by reducing costs and empowering them to increase their sales growth. 

Reduce Risk

When credit checks are an automated part of the sales process, it will decrease the risk of getting into debt. It will ensure that you only contract with brokers and clients who have the means to pay for your services. When you manually input data, human error is likely a mistake. When day-to-day tasks are automated, it will ensure that the information is correct and contracts are up to date. Sales360 gives you access to price books and contract options for each broker. Customize your relationship with each broker to best fit your needs and increase sales. All activity surrounding contracts and quotes is date-stamped so you can stay informed on everything happening. 

Easy Sales Commission Calculation 

The Sales360 platform also functions as a commission management software to ensure your payments are accurate and on time. Complex commission scenarios can be a headache to manage manually. When the commission is automated, it will accurately send out payments on time. Instead of stressing each month about calculating commission, utilize energy commission management software to revolutionize your payment process. Brokers will be sure to notice the quick and accurate payment processing, allowing brokers to deepen their trust in your team. 

Expand Client Relationships 

Once you have obtained clients and brokers, it is important to maintain that relationship. When a broker is satisfied with their service, they may be more prone to recommend your services to other clients. Sales360 allows you to connect their CRM software directly with our platform. This creates a seamless digital experience for brokers. The automated sales features allow billing to function within the platform, ensuring an easy and timely payment process for every party involved. Sales360 offers numerous integrations that are flexible and customizable to your needs. From customer management to price comparison to reporting, our platform was designed to create a holistic experience for you and the brokers you work with. 

Reach New Energy Markets 

Winning more deals is difficult when you are consistently operating within the same markets. The POWWR Marketplace grants you access to thousands of brokers and new opportunities. These brokers will benefit from the features of Sales360 and will be attracted to your streamlined system. All you need to do is load your matrix prices for display in the Marketplace Network, where brokers will have access to view the information and contact you for enrollments. Our system conducts built-in validation checks on pricing, contracts, and credit checks to ensure that your go-live rates are speedy and accurate. When your data is accurate and trustworthy, it makes the sales process more efficient. 

Increase Energy Sales 

We know that energy procurement can be complex and costly, but it does not have to stay like that. Our Sales 360 platform takes the most complicated processes and streamlines them so energy suppliers can focus on what matters most. Helping you support continuous growth and maximizing profitability is our goal. Enhancing your compliance around data handling is crucial for remaining credible and bettering your broker relationships. Seamless automation is important and sets our Sales360 platform apart from competitors. When the work is easily maintained, your brokers will feel important and valued by your team. Happy brokers lead to better relationships and more sales. 

Sales360 has been developed to handle the entire energy procurement journey – from submission to the commission. Win more deals and supercharge your sales process by booking a demo of our Sales360 platform today. 

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