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6 February, 2023

Time is precious. There is only a limited amount of time in a day to check off everything on your to-do list. Brokers are constantly faced with the need to close more deals and meet new energy suppliers. The pressure to deliver can be overwhelming and expectations can seem impossible to meet. 

What if we told you that one easy solution can give you back time and resources to accomplish your goals? Our Sales360 platform has a feature specifically designed to expedite the commission calculation process so you can focus your attention on where it really matters. This commission management software can provide valuable insight while quickly and accurately solving any of your most complex calculation processes. While your team can be better equipped for their daily tasks, we know change can be hard. We are detailing all of the reasons why Sales360 can help your team and addressing the most common concerns we hear from brokers. 

Managing Commissions Is a Burden 

Commission jobs have their benefits, but they can also be stressful and burdensome. It is not always a straightforward process. Let’s face it, managing money all on your own can be overwhelming. When you already have numerous phone calls, paperwork, and long hours, commissions are the last thing you want to worry about. This can result in inaccurate or late payments. Handling your own commission, along with any employee’s, can be time-consuming. Your priorities are being pulled in 20 different directions and figuring out energy commission can take time away from necessary client and supplier work. Frankly, some brokers may not enjoy managing commissions. From calculating percentages to keeping everything organized, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. 

Relieve Stress With a Well-run Commission System

One of the best ways to combat broker fatigue while maintaining a reliable commissioning schedule is to utilize software specifically designed to eliminate commissioning stress. Fast and accurate commissioning calculation can be a lifesaver for any broker with too many tasks on their to-do list. Complex commissioning scenarios should not take up all of your time. Instead, trust software like Sales360 to handle all reports and payments. 

Reduce Errors

If commissions are calculated incorrectly, you will be swarmed with phone calls and complaints. Ensuring that your calculations are correct the very first time can save you time and energy. Commissioning systems are designed to process even the most complex and difficult scenarios. When you utilize a commission system, you will have a headache and error-free monthly operation.

Create a Routine

No matter your role, job, or industry, no one likes late payments. Creating a consistent schedule for calculating and managing commission can be difficult with all of the other tasks brokers have to juggle. Our Sales360 software has its own built-in calculation module that will finalize commission in minutes. Take back your time and focus on securing new deals while our software does the work for you.

Provide Transparency & Accessibility 

Above all, people want to know what their profit is and why. Stakeholders have a unique interest in your business and how much commission is being earned. Provide extensive reporting and insights into commission, churn, renewals, and sales. By eliminating any guesswork or time-consuming calculations, you can be transparent with your stakeholders about finances. 

Broker’s Top Three Concerns Addressed

New technology should be evaluated before you jump into it headfirst. Making sure it is the best fit for your business is essential and asking questions is a good thing! However, we have no doubt that our system can help increase sales and networking opportunities. Here are the top three concerns we receive from brokers before they begin using Sales360. 

Comfortability With the Current Process

Why would a broker work any other way than the manual process they have always done? Spreadsheets and manual tasks have been the standard method for calculating commission for years. However, there are always ways to improve your business and remain competitive in the market. The process can end up being all over the place without trusted commission management software ensuring everything is accurate and on time. Utilizing new technology will help your overall business operate more efficiently and effectively – saving you time to work on the most important aspects. Automating your most time-consuming tasks will allow you to close more deals, growing your business. 

Preferred Systems 

What if brokers have their own proprietary system? No problem! Our Sales360 platform can be fully integrated with any system. If you are just looking for one element, like commission management software, but want to continue using your current system, POWWR can help you get the best of both worlds. Get automated pricing, contract generation, data validation, and more by utilizing Sales360 as a third-party connection. 

Complicated Calculation Process

Every broker will have their own methods and preferred systems. On top of that, new energy suppliers are continuously being added to your records. We understand that no commission calculating process is the same and every broker will have numerous suppliers that they work with. Our software can work with your unique process to detect claw-backs and make your payments on time. Complex commission scenarios are not an issue for Sales360! 

Grab a Competitive Edge

Outdated tools and manual processes give your competition a head start. With more and more individuals joining the industry, staying up to date on new opportunities for growth and utilizing advanced technology is critical. Our Sales360 platform not only serves as a commission management software but has numerous features to help you make smart sales decisions. No more scrambling for information when our software gives you a comprehensive look into your entire sales operation at the tip of your fingers. 

Stay ahead of the competition and watch your business skyrocket with Sales360. Your team will have access to information and tools that help them work with confidence and network with energy suppliers. Book a free demo to see how Sales360 can supercharge your sales.

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