The Best Energy Software for Your Business as a Broker

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24 January, 2023

Every energy broker will get to the point where they need assistance. If you attempted to do all of the work on your own, you would wear yourself to the ground. Having software that will help you accelerate your sales process while minimizing work will help elevate your brokerage to a whole new level. By automating tasks, you can focus your attention on other areas such as strengthening your relationships and evaluating different quotes for your clients.  The best energy software does not simply help you complete tasks but empowers you to make strategic decisions. 

Outdated manuals are no longer going to be beneficial in today’s technological world. Instead, online platforms have proven to be a necessity to succeed in the industry’s competitive landscape. Broker360 is not the cookie-cutter energy software that is commonly found throughout the industry. It was designed specifically by energy experts, for energy experts. By actually understanding the industry and a broker’s day-to-day tasks, we were able to develop a platform that was specifically designed to be a valuable tool.

What Sets our Energy Software Apart 

At POWWR, we are continually striving to grow and serve you better. However, our goal was never to create the Broker360 platform and then move on to the next idea. We want to work closely with our customers and learn from them so we can continuously evolve. Each customer has specific ideas and needs that we can use to find ways to develop our platform. We value our relationships with our customers and value their thoughts and opinions. Innovation is key and will always be at the core of our business. Creating award-winning software is just one of the ways we prioritize our clients as we seek to become a vital resource. 

Though we develop cutting-edge software, we also believe in simplicity. While there are numerous different things to juggle and a complex market, we do not think management needs to be overly complicated. We set up our systems in a way that will help businesses gain a greater market share with straightforward, easy-to-use software. You will have the ability to choose a plan that offers the best services for your business and excludes those which are not necessary.  

Our Energy Management Software Services

Our features are what sets us apart. We are not just your average tool, instead, we intentionally integrate features that we know will be key to growing your business. Here are just a few of our award-winning elements. 

Built-in Support Team for Your Business

We know that there is nothing more annoying than having to talk with numerous people when there are problems. We never want to send you through a roundabout string of people to talk to before finding solutions. That is why we created a designated account manager that will be there to help you along the way. Throughout the entire sales and contracting process, your account manager will be your right-hand man and able to assist with payments. 

Competitive Suppliers Integrated with Our Energy Software

When you sign up for Broker360, you automatically get access to the POWWR marketplace. It is an easy and risk-free way to expand your reach and generate new options for your clients. In our marketplace, you will find the most competitive suppliers for natural gas and electricity. However, with Broker360, you do not have to lose your current suppliers. You will have the flexibility to intertwine new suppliers with existing ones so you can ensure that your clients receive the best deal for them. 

Customer Focused Energy Software

Gone are the days of sending your client’s information and waiting for a quote. With Broker360, you will get instant pricing and the ability to sign a contract online. This will set you apart from competitors and streamlines the sales process by allowing you to close a deal before anything changes. On top of that, POWWR will host your price comparison website and send any data to your customer relationship platform (CRM). It will connect flawlessly so you can continue using your CRM. Our API integrations will allow you to pair your CRM with our platform so everything is located in one convenient place. Complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is essential for every broker. Our platform will ensure that all data and communication are properly and securely stored. 

Overall, we created Broker360 to offer brokers a reliable platform to help grow their businesses. This full-service platform provides you with instant access to a full marketplace and automatically generates quotes for your clients. Choosing the right contract for your clients will become significantly easier with the ability to compare providers. With the right software, your brokerage can reach new heights and increase productivity. 

We think our energy management software is pretty great, and we are not alone. Over a thousand registered energy brokers utilize Broker360 globally. If you know it is time for your brokerage to utilize energy software, look no further than Broker360! Our software is unlike any other in the industry and is guaranteed to give your brokerage a competitive edge.  

We understand that you may not want to commit to a program before trying it out. That is why we offer a free demo for any broker. Schedule your demo of Broker360 today! 

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