Gridwealth Expands POWWR Partnership by Launching Retail Energy Commission Software

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13 September, 2023

Sept. 7, 2023


SaaS tool streamlines Gridwealth’s commission system for internal sales team and independent brokers and provides accurate, up to date information.

BOSTON—Gridwealth, a leading U.S. commercial-scale solar developer and electricity service provider, today announced it is broadening its partnership with POWWR, a Connecticut-based B2B energy SaaS provider, to further boost its Massachusetts retail energy sales. POWWR recently added a Gridwealth-customized commission portal to its comprehensive Sales360 platform used by Gridwealth to manage its internal sales team and broker network since 2022. Gridwealth is also a longtime user of POWWR’s Risk360 platform for forecasting, position management, settlements, and pricing.

Sales360 Platform

Gridwealth initially deployed POWWR’s Sales360 end-to-end SaaS software in late 2022 to help its internal sales team and broker network increase sales conversions and secure faster, more reliable, and more profitable transactions. The platform generates pricing, sales quotes, and contracts. It also enrolls business customers with electric utilities, validates data, and closes sales.

“POWWR’s Sales360 platform has notably enhanced and simplified our sales enrollment process from start to finish and saved us money,” said Russel Head, vice president of sales at Gridwealth. “We are now able to automate custom pricing, enrollments, and contracts, drastically improving the speed of sales.”

Sales360 Commission Tool

Gridwealth also tapped POWWR to develop a flexible commission tool to track and generate payments for internal salespeople and independent brokers. POWWR created the Sales360 Commission Portal to seamlessly integrate key data and streamline the payment system. Gridwealth deployed the system in July 2023.

"We're really excited to be working with Gridwealth to accelerate its energy sales journey,” said Matt Tormollen, CEO of POWWR. “The data validation our Sales360 solution provides not only speeds up the contracting process, with the most accurate data, delivering speed and precision and ultimately increased sales for Gridwealth.”

“This gives Gridwealth an edge by being able to automate and update the entire commission portfolio,” added Head. “It also provides brokers with a better option than a manual retail power usage report, which typically consists of an Excel spreadsheet that brokers have to calculate themselves.”

The Future

Future enhancements to the commission portal include commission tracking for other energy services beyond retail power, including community-shared solar and rooftop solar.


POWWR helps to connect energy suppliers to their varying sales channels to streamline the energy contracting process. POWWR operates in both the U.S. and UK markets, is backed by over 12 years of retail energy broker and supplier experience, works with 65+ energy suppliers, and over 1,400 registered brokers. For more information, visit

About Gridwealth

Gridwealth is a full-service, distributed energy resource (DER) company. It plans, develops, and operates a portfolio of renewable energy assets. Its project offerings include commercial & industrial-scale solar, battery energy storage systems, and community-shared solar installations. Its service business offers consulting, renewable energy credit brokerage, operations and maintenance of DER facilities, and retail energy sales. Gridwealth generates long-term revenue for customers while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by partnering with commercial and industrial (C&I) property owners, private companies, independent power producers, power brokers, universities, and municipalities. To date, Gridwealth has been involved in more than 150 solar projects. The company is rapidly expanding across the U.S. with a vision to have over 500 MW of operating solar assets in its portfolio by 2027. For more information, visit, or follow us on LinkedIn.

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