What Customers are Looking for in an Energy Management Procurement Company

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20 July, 2022

Lately, it seems like the news headlines that are reported to us include stories of inflation day after day. While it seems like businesses are hyper-focused on cost savings now more than ever, it’s something they have always been conscious of — just right now it’s getting extra attention.

Energy procurement is one area where businesses are turning to so they can cut down on their energy costs and ultimately save money. Energy procurement management companies are popping up more and more, and their sole focus is to help businesses purchase energy proactively, so they can make strategic choices related to their energy usage.

If you’re in the energy procurement business, you already know the value that is in this business. What you may not be as familiar with is how to advertise your company to customers and what will turn passive website visitors into loyal customers.

Want to know what customers are looking for in an energy management procurement company? Keep reading below to learn what you should be focused on for your customers.


Customers want to work with a company they can trust. That means customer reviews and testimonials should be a top priority and should be visible on your website. Beyond testimonials, be reliable in the energy procurement strategies you share with customers. Ensure each strategy is based on research and reports from brokers and sellers and show potential customers that you have control over every plan you offer.

Cost savings

Everyone loves a good deal, and your customers are no exception. You need to assume that your customers will seek out the best deals in energy procurement because they want to save the most amount of money. Take a look at your competitors and verify that your rates are on par, if not lower, than your competitor’s price.

Value Added

Your customers want to save money on their energy costs, yet they still want all the possible benefits they can get, so highlight the value you will add! More information is better than too little so share details about your process from start to finish. Highlight how your business goes about sourcing energy needs from a third-party energy supplier or local distribution company, how contracts are drafted, and what the implementation process will entail. Beyond that, use your existing data to showcase how you can forecast future usage to impress potential customers.

Contract Details

Different energy management procurement companies offer different contract types. These are often dependent on external factors like property-specific demand requirements and/or market drivers that influence the price. What kind of contract a customer wants to see varies based on each customer. Regardless though, everyone wants to work with a company that has no hidden fees and no unforeseen charges, so be sure to offer (and share) transparent pricing.

At POWWR, you can leave all the logistics of your energy management procurement company to us. We know you are the energy professional, so we let you stick to that while we focus on what we know best - energy software.

When you sign up with POWWR, we’ll help you sell and manage your energy services more efficiently by providing an advanced platform and simple solution for both your suppliers and brokers. We’ve taken steps to create a sustainable energy marketplace, and we’d love to have you join us!

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