Revolutionize Your Energy Pricing Strategies and Drive Business Growth

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3 July, 2023

Pricing is one of the most strategic aspects of energy suppliers’ jobs. Lowballing can cost your company money, creating a business that is not sustainable. However, when you price energy too high, you will lose deals to competitors. How you price your services can make or break your business. With the right energy pricing strategy, you can make strides in your business growth that you haven’t experienced before. Finding the right strategy that works for you may take trial and error, but you can watch your business soar once you find the perfect fit. Here, we provide expert insight into different strategies so you can know your options and determine your business’s next steps. 

Competitive Pricing Strategies

The amount of money you charge for energy represents how valuable your offerings are. The prices you set can attract or draw customers away from your business. To ensure you find that happy medium of earning a solid profit and crafting an attractive deal for customers, you need to calculate carefully and find a pricing strategy that works for you.

A good pricing strategy can have two main benefits for your company. First, it symbolizes value. Cheap energy can be associated with undervalued performance, even if it is a false perception. When products are cheap, customers automatically become weary of the value. Second, competitive prices can attract buyers. When choosing the prices for your packages, you want to ensure they are inclusive to every customer. If it is set too high, potential customers may have to walk away because they cannot fit it into their monthly budget. 

Creating Your Pricing Strategy

Remaining profitable is the number one goal of any pricing strategy. However, it is not the only goal. A stellar energy pricing strategy can also help you position yourself on the market, stay competitive in an ever-changing industry, and increase demand for energy services. Price reflects quality, so your final pricing decision will directly impact your position in the market. Your prices should impact competitors and vice versa.

As you set prices, consider how they will differ from similar plans offered by competitive energy suppliers. Know what your plans are worth, and set the prices at an amount that will still bring in customers. Prices can also drive demand up — and you can increase your prices when there is a high demand. Knowing how to use a pricing strategy to your advantage is one of the best skills energy suppliers can have. 

Best Types of Strategies

Your pricing strategy will not always be the same. Sometimes, you must adjust your plans as the industry shifts to make the most profit. Here are some of the most common pricing strategies for you to consider. 

Time-of-use Pricing 

This pricing strategy is one of the simplest for suppliers to calculate and easiest for consumers to understand. By basing the prices on the supply and demand grid, prices fluctuate based on the time of day. Peak hours throughout the day will have a higher price, while hours with little energy usage will cost less. This system encourages customers to save energy during peak hours and use more during other times of the day. 

Dynamic Pricing

You can offer a more flexible and responsive pricing option with dynamic energy pricing. Dynamic pricing closely follows the grid and adjusts in real time. Factors such as availability, outages, and weather can suddenly impact the market, meaning the energy price adjusts. Since demand is so high, customers will be charged more when a significant event occurs, such as a heat wave. However, they can also be rewarded for saving energy during these times. 

Performance-based Incentives 

A unique pricing strategy is performance-based incentives. This strategy is rooted in motivating customers to be more energy efficient. They can earn payments or credits when their performance meets a specific goal. Recognizing and rewarding customers who try to conserve energy can create a loyal customer base and attract more customers. Performance-based incentives strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Increase Growth

Pricing systems are the powerhouse behind your business. No matter how creative, passionate, or knowledgeable you are in your business and the industry, your business will remain stagnant without accurate, timely pricing. A strategic energy pricing plan must be carefully enacted for your energy supply business to see growth. However, bringing this pricing strategy to life for each customer can be exhausting and time-consuming. Utilizing energy software that can automate tasks will help eliminate unnecessary manual work so you can focus on fostering relationships with energy brokers. 

Sales360 is our energy software created specifically for suppliers. By decreasing the hoops you must jump through, we help you automate daily tasks to reduce the risk of error. By helping you keep track of important deadlines and build campaigns that will allow you to know your clients better, you can have the necessary information to choose the best pricing strategy for your business. With all the benefits of our software, you can be reassured that the possibility of a contract rejection is slim. 

Energy Software For Navigating Pricing Strategies

Energy software is more than just an added feature to assist your team. It can be the foundation to help you start and grow your business from the ground up. Most energy software on the market can help you navigate and execute pricing strategies so you are not rushing to calculate monthly costs for each client. They can be an extremely beneficial tool to maintain all your data in one place. With a complete customer report available at the click of a button, you can even set this software to calculate pricing automatically. No matter what happens with the grid or within the industry, you can be reassured that your pricing will always be accurate and timely

Your Pricing Guide for Increased Profits

Creating an effective energy pricing strategy is one of the most important things for every energy supplier. It is the driving force for new business and one of the best ways to retain current customers. However, most do not know where to start or how to determine which strategy best fits their needs. If you struggle to make the right pricing strategy decisions, check out our free guide to help you. Download 8 Ways To Make Your Pricing System Keep You Out of the Red and Deep in the Black today!  

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