POWWR Announces Sales360 Market Insights

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14 February, 2024

[Manchester, 13th February 2024] – POWWR, the respected energy software provider, today announces its new market analysis product, Sales360 Market Insights. The innovative new solution helps energy suppliers of all sizes instantly analyze their market positioning and how they are performing against the competition. This will enable them to make better-informed decisions to improve profitability.

With Sales360 Market Insights, energy suppliers can discover which brokers are most readily quoting and selling their products and at what commission rate. The analytics tool also allows them to compare their performance with the broader market to identify areas for improvement.

"The powerful features within Sales360 Market Insights revolutionize market analysis and management. It provides energy suppliers valuable data on who's converting the most business for them and their competitors. This will enable them to make better-informed decisions such as re-engaging lucrative brokers and pushing others to self-serve," explains Matt Tormollen, CEO at POWWR. "Suppliers can also use the tool to compare against the wider market to shape their offerings accordingly to create better-fit products and rates for customers."

Sales360 Market Insights provides a whole host of benefits for energy suppliers. Its powerful data suite allows suppliers to gain unprecedented and valuable information on the engagement of energy brokers with its products. A strategic supplier comparison can provide the latest price positions and commission rates throughout the market, helping suppliers shape their offerings accordingly. Sales360 Market Insights eliminates guesswork, enabling suppliers to become more agile and better respond to broader market conditions to facilitate their future growth strategies.


The Sales360 Market Insights module sits within the wider POWWR's Sales360 platform that is relied upon by countless energy suppliers worldwide to automatically price deals, produce verified quotes, send electronic contracts, and manage the customer journey. POWWR's Sales360 is a highly dynamic visual tool that provides complete transparency and the correct information at the right time to make intelligent, proactive sales decisions. 

"Many energy providers can struggle to win profitable deals and even lose business because of incorrect pricing, limited exposure, and thin margins," comments Tormollen. "Sales360 Market Insights enables them to benchmark against the market better than ever before so that they can price themselves correctly. This gives them a competitive edge and allows them to take their business to the next level quickly. 

"With so much insight at their fingertips, a supplier can now be more confident than ever they are making the best decisions to improve their bottom line," adds Tormollen. 


POWWR is a cloud-based software provider for the energy and utilities sector. Its advanced platforms and simple solutions help over 65 energy suppliers and more than 1,400 brokers across the United States and the United Kingdom win more deals, manage risk, and grow their businesses. The company was previously known as UD Group in the United Kingdom. For more information on POWWR, please visit https://www.powwr.com/ or contact Jo Forsdike at jo.forsdike@powwr.com.

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