POWWR Sales360 Redefines the Process of New Meter Connections

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5 June, 2024

New capability enables suppliers to capture more revenue by handling a higher volume of new meter connections

[Manchester, 5th June 2024]POWWR, the respected energy software provider, today announces POWWR Sales360 New Connections, a new software module designed to streamline new meter installations by eradicating the traditional highly manual process that is both slow and prone to errors.

“Energy suppliers and brokers have never faced more pressure to streamline their operations. One persistent obstacle is the process of new meter installations, which is traditionally slow, manual, and heavily reliant on email,” explains David Sheldrake, SVP of Sales360, POWWR. “This inefficient process hampers their ability to quickly secure new business and capitalise on emerging opportunities. With the launch of New Connections, that is about to change.”

The typical process for new meter installations begins with contract generation which requires meticulous attention to detail and extensive email back and forth. Next, lines of credit must be checked, relying on manually collecting and verifying client information, further slowing down the process. Finally, the relevant information must be manually entered into various disparate systems for tracking and compliance. This is not only time-consuming but susceptible to errors, which can have cascading effects on the rest of the process.

POWWR Sales360’s New Connections redefines how energy suppliers and brokers can manage the process of new meter installations. It transforms a previously manual and error-prone system into a seamless, automated journey. With New Connections, contracts are automatically generated based on predefined templates and business rules, the credit check process is automated to allow for faster approvals, and all communication is centralised within the POWWR Sales360 platform. This helps not only significantly speed up the process of new meter installations, but ensures the process becomes more transparent and efficient.

The move towards smart meters worldwide means that over 100 million new meter connections are being added globally each year. It is, therefore, imperative that energy suppliers can scale their operations to cope. New Connections facilitates this by allowing suppliers to handle a higher volume of new connections without compromising quality or efficiency.

“New Connections will revolutionise how brokers and suppliers can manage new meter installations, smart or otherwise,” comments Sheldrake. “By automating key processes, suppliers and brokers can unlock new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and profitability. Giving them a more competitive position in the market.”

For further details on the New Connections feature with POWWR Sales360, please click here.


POWWR is a cloud-based software provider for the energy and utilities sector. Its advanced platforms and simple solutions help over 65 energy suppliers and more than 1,400 brokers across the United States and the United Kingdom win more deals, manage risk, and grow their businesses. The company was previously known as UD Group in the United Kingdom. For more information on POWWR, please visit https://www.powwr.com/ or contact Jo Forsdike at jo.forsdike@powwr.com.

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