Excess capacity could stop power plant plans in Wisconsin [Video]

1 min read
31 August, 2015


Some people turn to their neighbors to borrow a cup of sugar, but what about a billion dollars worth of megawatts?

Wisconsin-based utility We Energies has asked the state to halt any upcoming plans to build generators, believing it possesses enough excess capacity to supply two other state utilities seeking new power plants. The Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel estimated the cost for these two projects at around 1.2 billion dollars cumulatively.

The state will weigh both options in an effort to uncover which will ultimately cost less for the ratepayers involved, but We Energies knows a thing or two about how much money is required to construct new power plants. In the late 1990s, We Energies spent more than three billion dollars opening two power plants, one coal-fired and the other natural gas.

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