How to Sell Deregulated Energy During Challenging Markets

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16 November, 2022

Selling deregulated energy is a challenge at the best of times. In times like these, when the electricity and natural gas markets are extremely volatile, it can seem almost impossible. 

Figuring out a way to win a greater number of deals more efficiently when the market is challenging is essential. Instead of missing out on commissions, you need to discover the best ways to maximize your abilities as an energy broker and successfully make sales. 

Why Deregulated Energy is a Challenge

While it’s always difficult to sell deregulated energy, selling it during times of volatility means you’re really going to have to up your game. 

One of the reasons it’s so much harder to sell when the market is volatile is that consumers are already filled with fear and uncertainty. Combine that uncertainty with the fact that deregulated energy is pretty new and you have a lot of wary people who are unsure about taking the leap. 

Overall, many people are skeptical about deregulated energy. They don’t really understand it or the benefits, and they certainly don’t trust any random broker trying to sell it. 

What that means is that you can’t simply use the same old sales tactics of great energy rates. Most people aren’t going to care if the deregulated energy rates are good if they don’t see its benefit. 

You have to take a new route in the current market in order to be successful when you sell deregulated energy, by gaining trust and focusing on the importance of energy choice. Read on to learn some energy-selling tips to use when the market is volatile.

Tips for Selling Deregulated Energy in a Volatile Market

Sell Energy Future Properly

Make sure that you are accurately educating your leads on energy futures. The contract you sell will be for a certain length of time and the overall price will be an average of the cost for each month. You can use this information to showcase how an energy contract can help them avoid the high costs of the volatile market. 

Most market volatility is short-term, which means if you sell a contract that starts after the volatile calendar, the price will be lower. Selling future-dated contracts can help your clients avoid the high energy costs of winter and other upcoming issues.  

Get Educated on Deregulated Energy and Risk/Reward

Education is the name of the game when it comes to selling deregulated energy and energy management. People need to understand that energy choice matters and they need to see the cost benefits. 

A great way to help people understand is to show them a comparison between their own current energy costs and their suppliers’ rates, along with the various rates among suppliers. They will be able to see the importance of energy choice and how it creates multiple competitive offers among suppliers. 

Giving them this information will help them to truly understand the benefit of what you’re offering and will become a foundation for their trust in you. It also showcases your honesty as you discuss the risk/reward, giving them a reason to trust you and your guidance through transparent education about deregulated energy.

Look for Market Opportunities

Don’t fail to look beyond your local market. If your local area supplier already has low rates, it will probably be difficult to get people to look elsewhere. The good news is, you’re not stuck there. You can broker energy in any deregulated state.

Look around for areas where energy rates are high and start educating those communities on the importance of energy choice. If they’re paying a lot for their utilities, they’re going to be much more likely to pay attention. 

Use Your Past Successes

If you’re not new to the game, you likely have a plethora of energy management clients under your belt. Your past clients should be doing great with low, fixed energy rates. Take the time to follow up with them in order to showcase the value you’ve provided. 

Show them energy comparisons. Open their eyes to their great rates compared with the current market. Give them an opportunity to see how much they’re saving every month. Rekindling their excitement and understanding of deregulated energy will keep them on your side as loyal clients. It also gives you the chance to ask them for referrals so that you can find more clients. 

In Conclusion

Gaining clients during times of market volatility can be tricky, but it’s also very possible. By sticking to education about energy choice and keeping your options open when it comes to your market, you’ll be able to find new customers. 

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