CAPI by POWWR Helps Cut Contract Submission Time in Half

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24 January, 2024

[Manchester, 23rd January 2024] — POWWR, the respected energy software provider, today announces a brand-new integration product, CAPI, that can significantly cut contract submission time for brokers. 

CAPI creates a smoother and more efficient integration between its popular Broker360 and Sales360 solutions, reducing errors and increasing broker efficiency. The product allows contract information to be pushed from Broker360’s WebCRM to the supplier portals at the time of contract submission. This minimises delay and creates a more seamless transition across the software platforms, optimising the customer journey and providing the broker with the opportunity to acquire more customers than ever before.

With CAPI, brokers can submit contracts in half the time, freeing up valuable hours for them to undertake other important tasks. By fully integrating Broker360 and Sales360, CAPI eliminates the need to type in the same information multiple times, maximising both time and accuracy. Plus, due to its integrated nature there is no longer a need for users to enter their login details for each solution.

“POWWR is committed to delivering the most efficient energy solutions on the market. We help energy brokers do what they do best: provide their clients with the best energy deals available so that they can better meet their own unique business objectives,” comments Matt Tormollen, CEO at POWWR. “CAPI ensures a more streamlined processing of contracts within Broker360 and Sales360, greatly enhancing user experience, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.”

CAPI is available within the generate quotes page in Broker360. Already used by thousands of brokers worldwide, POWWR’s award-winning broker portal Broker360 accelerates the entire sales cycle. From instant pricing to sales analytics, Broker360 allows brokers to easily scale their business through faster client acquisition and make smarter strategic decisions.

“Broker360 helps give brokers a competitive edge. It streamlines legacy processes, negating the need to go between spreadsheets and disparate systems. With Broker360, brokers can close faster, win more profitable deals, and grow their business in record time,” adds Tormollen.


POWWR is a cloud-based software provider for the energy and utilities sector. Its advanced platforms and simple solutions help over 65 energy suppliers and more than 1,400 brokers across the United States and the United Kingdom win more deals, manage risk, and grow their businesses. The company was previously known as UD Group in the United Kingdom. For more, book a demo and explore how CAPI and Broker360 can help your business.

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