Report: Coal still relevant to evolving energy market [Video]

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13 August, 2015


Two organizations have published a new report on the heels of the federal government's soon-to-be-finalized Clean Power Plan. The research asserts coal still has a major role to play in the future of energy.

The Obama Administration announced a proposed 30 percent cut in greenhouse gases by 2030, a decision that will most likely force many of the nation's coal plants into retirement. While the U.S. waits to see what the final version of the measure will say, the Coal Utilization Research Council and the Electric Power Research Institute believe they can make a pretty convincing argument for coal's continued use.

According to their research, funding new technology for coal-fired generation can reduce energy prices by nearly 40 percent by 2035. How much funding exactly? About $400 million to $1.5 billion worth every year between then and now.

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