Report: First quarter US coal retirements account for 3 percent of capacity [Video]

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10 June, 2015


Coal-fired power plants cannot hide from the federal government's strict carbon regulations, according to newly released research.

Argus Media reported 50 facilities and more than 11 gigawatts of power have already been retired this year, taking with them about three percent of the nation's coal capacity. A total of one-hundred fifteen coal-burning generators in the U.S. are poised to retire in 2015, accounting for nearly 20 gigawatts.

The Energy Information Administration estimates that by the year 2040, the Clean Power Plan imposed by the federal government will retire up to 90 gigawatts of coal-burning resources. In doing so, the organization believes the price of energy overall rise by just under five percent nationwide, but the benefits to the environment will be priceless.

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