How Broker360 Makes Energy Procurement Easier

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17 February, 2022

Proficiently helping clients with energy procurement can nurture trust and loyalty.

While some businesses and individual users know the benefits of energy procurement, including a lower risk of unforeseen charges, hidden fees, and costs, more informed load forecasting, a reliable source of fuel, and greater control over fuel costs and types, some don't. Your role is two-fold: 1) to help all users interested in energy procurement understand the value you offer and 2) to provide exceptional service if they choose you as their energy broker. 

Businesses that actively work to procure energy look for brokers that can show all competitive pricing options and solutions to meet their sourcing needs. Because many of them have special requirements for their energy usage, being paired up with the right supplier is critical. Your job, then, is to find that best match.

The process of understanding and managing all the moving parts of energy procurement is complex and tedious, but it is necessary to make strategic energy purchases. Energy procurement managers look to you to help them achieve their procurement initiatives. Well-curated supply contracts can result in thousands of dollars in additional supply-side savings or cost avoidance — and that's exactly what business customers want. 

In states where energy procurement is possible for individual users, many have no clue. However, once they know this option exists and understand they can shop around for the most competitive energy on the market, they may want to work with a broker who has all energy options and prices at their fingertips. For these users, getting the guaranteed lowest rate is their goal, and you could help them meet it. 

With the right tools, accomplishing all this while effectively nurturing existing business can be done quickly and accurately, but not with traditional manual processes. 

Deliver Fast & Efficient Energy Procurement Services

If you feel like many other energy brokers — the unrelenting pressure to deliver a fast and efficient service in the face of losing valuable deals to competitors — we get it. You have to compare prices across the industry, quickly generate quotes, produce verified contracts, and manage the customer journey, often for both businesses and individuals. This can feel overwhelming and cumbersome. 

That’s why we developed a way to automate many brokering processes, making it easier for you to serve all of your customers. Our software pulls in all competitive energy suppliers, prices, and more within one central platform, giving you real-time data and a leg up.

Grow A Loyal Client Base By Working Smarter, Not Harder

While there are many ways that our software, Broker360, can help you work better, here are five that can empower you to help customers meet their energy goals while winning more profitable sales and increasing your overall revenue.

Grow A Loyal Client Base By Working Smarter, Not Harder

1. Ensure Fewer Dropouts

With validated batch files, direct contract upload, and full meter lookups, the risk of contract rejection is reduced, leading to more sales and higher profits. With Broker360, you can ensure fewer dropouts and more successful transactions the first time around.

2. Close More Customers

With Broker360, you can track the entirety of the customer journey. Agents can set reminders, call-backs, or assign tasks to others. This means you can keep track of each opportunity and not worry about missing important deadlines that could result in the loss of a potential customer.

3. Generate New Leads

As part of the Broker360 package, you’ll get a custom branded website with automated price comparisons. Through your white-label website, you can create targeted campaigns and collect information from your prospects, such as contact details, consumption rates, and renewal dates which are then sent directly into the Broker360 platform as a new lead.

4. Automate Manual Work

Energy brokers do a lot of manual work, including managing a large number of price books from their suppliers on a daily basis. Broker360 automates this entire process and includes access to full-market pricing, which can simultaneously quote gas and electricity for both SME and I&C contracts.

5. Gain Access More Energy Suppliers

One of the most beneficial of the Broker360 platform is the access you'll gain to a whole host of energy suppliers. With the POWWR Marketplace, you'll have access to suppliers you are not currently doing business with, allowing you to offer more competitive deals immediately.

To learn more, download our guide, 5 Ways to Win More Energy Deals with Broker360. Why not discover more ways to secure a loyal client base, win more profitable sales, work more efficiently, and increase overall revenue?

Download 5 Ways to Win More Energy Deals with Broker360

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