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UAC Team Feels Light Years Ahead of its Competitors Thanks to POWWR

Utility Advice Company (UAC) Team is an independent brokerage based in London that offers advice covering the full range of business utilities.

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Who is UAC Team?


UAC Team uses its industry expertise and partnerships with top suppliers to find its customers the best price at the right time for them.


It offers completely independent advice and, through its working partnerships, can access a wide range of energy suppliers and deals otherwise not available.


Whether a business wants to stay with its existing supplier or try somewhere new, UAC Team can find the deal that works best and manage transfers seamlessly.


With an expanding team, manual efforts was affecting efficiency and accuracy.

Providing optimal service to its customers was a challenge due to lacking processes and systems causing wasted time and opening up a propensity for errors.

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Wasted manual effort
Icon_CaseStudy_Business Chart Down_General_500px

Open to errors

Icon_CaseStudy_Document Search_General_500px

Lacking system and process

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Struggling to keep up with demand


Prioritizing streamlining processes and efficiently managing energy procurement.

UAC Team was impressed by how POWWR’s intelligent API integrations would allow UAC Team to seamlessly connect its existing CRM platform with Broker360.

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Automated efforts

More accurate information

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Set up for efficiency

Ability to grow with confidence

Stop losing sales to your competition

Outdated tools and manual processes are giving your competition the edge by allowing them to win more profitable deals faster than you can.

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Why UAC Team Values Its POWWR Partnership


Broker360 has revolutionised processes for UAC Team and provided automation and reduced error rates to tighten up compliancy with industry standards.


Having the flexibility to facilitate various sizes of contracts and minimize time and effort to generate contracts, helps ensure UAC Team is able to meet all customer needs with ease.


Equipped with Broker360, UAC Team has seen an overall increase in ROI. Broker360 is equipped to grow and evolve with the changes throughout the market to continue to meet customers’ needs.


Broker360 Encourages Forward-thinking by Revolutionising Efficiency

The procurement journey for UAC Team has been revolutionised with Broker360’s efficient system and processes. UAC Team is now able to facilitate as many contracts as a company twice its size and significantly minimize the time it takes to generate contracts. The simple API is able to be customised to help stand out against competitors.


“Broker360 has had a massive impact on our efficiency. We are now able to facilitate as many contracts as a company twice our size.”


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