November “Polar Vortex” Latest News: Midwest Temperatures Could Plummet Into The High Teens Through November 22nd…

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11 November, 2014

Over the last few days, weather services have been decreasing their temperature forecasts for the end of this week, and into next week.   The Midwest appears to be going down to lows in the 20s this weekend, and into the high teens next week, through about the 22nd of November.   From a review of the NOAA site, and various other weather forecasting services, ESCO Advisors noted “A stable “blocking” pattern has developed which will allow an ample supply of Arctic air to funnel into the U.S.   Potential for wintry precipitation for the Midwest this weekend and into the Mid Atlantic after that.”

We advise our clients to review their existing supply position, and consider adding to the position for next week and the balance of the month to hedge customers’ increase in consumption.

NOTE: ESCOWare® and ESCO Advisors™ provide this information as a courtesy to enhance the risk management process and are not responsible for the accuracy of this forecast and/or actions taken as a result of this forecast.

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