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25 March, 2024

Risk management in retail energy is a high-stakes game. Each day brings new challenges, and a wrong move can significantly impact your company's financial health. That's where our innovative solution, Risk360, steps in. We've developed a comprehensive software platform, coupled with expert-managed services, to bring you a centralized, transparent system for all your risk management needs. Discover how Risk360 can revolutionize your approach to risk management and lead you to smarter energy settlements.

A New Approach to Energy Settlements

The Challenge of Traditional Energy Settlements

The traditional methods of managing energy settlements have become increasingly cumbersome and inefficient. Energy suppliers are often swamped with disparate spreadsheets and complex datasets. This fragmentation makes it challenging to keep up with the fast-paced changes in the market, especially without access to real-time data. The result is a reactive approach to energy settlements, often leading to missed opportunities, reduced margins, and increased risk exposure.

Revolutionizing the Energy Settlement Process

Recognizing these challenges, Risk360 offers a transformative solution. This innovative platform reimagines the energy settlement process by integrating a variety of potential risk factors and market dynamics into a single, coherent framework. This holistic approach allows for enhanced margin optimization, more efficient risk management, and the ability to forecast future scenarios with greater accuracy.

Enhancing Margin and Risk Management

One of the key functions of Risk360 is its ability to tie together the various elements that could impact energy settlements. By consolidating all relevant data into a unified platform, it provides energy suppliers with a comprehensive overview of their operations. This integrated perspective is crucial for identifying and mitigating risks before they manifest into financial losses, as well as for capitalizing on market opportunities to increase profit margins.

Proactive Demand Assessment and Contract Management

A critical component of effective energy settlements is the accurate prediction of customer demand for each settlement period. Traditionally, this involves a degree of guesswork and approximation. However, with Risk360, suppliers can assess customer demand more accurately and in advance. This foresight enables them to enter into bilateral contracts with Generators to cover the anticipated 'base load' more effectively, reducing the risk of over or under-supplying.

The Broader Impact of Efficient Energy Settlements

The significance of the energy sector extends far beyond the confines of the industry. As a critical infrastructure component, it plays a pivotal role in almost every facet of modern life. From lighting homes and powering businesses to fueling transportation systems and supporting defense mechanisms, the energy sector is fundamental. A stable and efficiently managed energy sector is not only crucial for industrial production and economic growth but is also integral to the health and welfare of citizens. By optimizing energy settlements through platforms like Risk360, suppliers contribute to the overall stability and reliability of this vital sector.

Leverage Risk360 to Enhance Current Systems 

The Challenge of System Overhaul

One of the major concerns for energy suppliers when considering new software is the potential disruption to their existing systems. The thought of overhauling long-established processes and the risks associated with system integration can be daunting. Suppliers often find themselves caught between the need to improve their systems and the desire to maintain continuity in their operations.

Seamless Integration

Risk360 addresses these concerns with its modular and scalable architecture, designed to integrate smoothly with existing systems. This approach is tailored for energy suppliers who are cautious about making significant changes to their current setups. Risk360's compatibility with various system architectures means that it can enhance, rather than replace, your existing infrastructure.

Customizable to Your Unique Needs

Risk360's modular design allows energy suppliers to select and customize the components they need. Whether your focus is on electric or natural gas commodities, Risk360 provides targeted insights into specific areas of your operations. This customizable aspect ensures that suppliers can address the unique gaps in their current data and processes without overhauling the entire system.

Predicting Future Revenue with Precision

Another critical feature of Risk360 is its ability to provide a detailed, forward-looking Profit and Loss (P&L) statement. This tool goes beyond simple estimations, offering a dynamic and accurate assessment of the costs and revenues associated with a customer’s book, updated daily to reflect market changes. This level of detail and precision is crucial for retailers who need to proactively manage their margins and fine-tune their business practices for maximum profitability.

Adapting to Market Changes

The energy market is characterized by its volatility and rapid changes. Risk360’s daily updates offer a significant advantage in this regard. Unlike static one-off guesstimates, the system is designed to incorporate all available data points, ensuring that the P&L reflects the most current market conditions. This feature enables energy suppliers to make informed decisions promptly, adapting to market changes with agility and accuracy.


Predict Future Revenue with Confidence

Proactive Revenue Management

In the fiercely competitive energy market, maintaining target margins and optimizing profitability requires a proactive stance. Traditional approaches often fall short in predicting the intricate flux of market dynamics. Risk360, with its advanced analytics and forecasting capabilities, provides a solution tailored to these challenges. It offers a detailed, forward-looking Profit and Loss (P&L) statement, enabling retailers to accurately estimate daily costs and revenues up to the end of contract terms.

Dynamic Adaptation to Market Changes

What sets Risk360 apart is its dynamic nature. The tool is designed to adapt daily to market changes, ensuring that revenue and cost estimates are always current and based on the latest available data. This capability is crucial in an industry where market conditions can shift rapidly, impacting pricing, supply, and demand.

Simplifying Risk Management

The energy sector's traditional risk management tools, often manual and resource-intensive, are not just inefficient; they can actively erode profits. Risk360 addresses this issue head-on by providing a comprehensive software and managed services solution that simplifies and streamlines the risk management process. This platform is designed to replace outdated methods with a sophisticated, data-driven approach that enhances operational efficiency, increases margins, and supports scalable growth.

Enhance Operational Margins

Risk360's impact on a business's bottom line can be profound. Integrating advanced forecasting and analysis tools, helps energy suppliers and retailers put a stop to margin erosion. The platform's precision in forecasting revenue takes into account various factors such as contract lengths, hedging strategies, and forward price marks, offering a clear and comprehensive view of future margins.

Centralizing Data for Transparency

One of the key strengths of Risk360 is its ability to centralize all relevant data, providing complete transparency across all risk management teams. This centralization is crucial for effective decision-making, as it allows for a holistic view of operations from demand forecasting and scheduling to position reporting, daily settlements, and churn analysis.

Accurate Load Forecasting

Load forecasting is a critical component of risk management in the energy sector. Risk360 excels in providing accurate, daily updates on the costs and revenues over the term length of a customer’s book. This continuous updating process, highly sensitive to market changes, moves companies away from unreliable estimates to a more precise and reliable forecasting model. By including all available data points, Risk360 ensures that load forecasts are as accurate and timely as possible, facilitating better decision-making and risk mitigation.


Unlocking Efficient Energy Management with Risk360

Managing utility and pipeline nominations is a complex, daily challenge. At POWWR, we collaborate with some of the industry's finest gas schedulers. Their expertise has been invaluable in developing Risk360, a superior system designed to simplify natural gas scheduling, position management, load forecasting, and more.

We invite you to explore Risk360 and see how it can transform your energy settlements. Schedule a demo today and take the first step towards smarter, more efficient risk management.

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