How To Get New Customers & Grow Your Energy Brokerage

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11 May, 2022

If you’re looking for new ways to get customers for your energy brokerage, you're in luck.

As more states choose to deregulate energy, consumers recognize substantial savings from choosing an energy supplier wisely. However, finding the right plan is an intimidating process, and that's where you come in. As the intermediary between consumer and provider, you empower clients and guide them through the energy selection process. Because 8 out of 10 new businesses fail within the first 18 months of operation, creating a pipeline of clientele should be top of mind for you as an energy broker. 

While there are several things you can do to attract new business and expand your reach, the last thing you should be thinking about is using price as the deciding factor for clients. Last month, we talked about how active listening and consulting could propel your business above the competition. This month, we'll show you how software can do much of the heavy lifting for energy brokers like you, looking to gain customers and grow your business.

Automate: Work Smarter, Not Harder 

Automating and streamlining processes of any kind within a brokerage firm is now simpler than ever, thanks to our energy brokerage software. Whether you're a solopreneur or operate a multi-tiered facility, these software-based platforms give you unique opportunities to leverage once unaffordable tools. When it comes to getting and keeping clients, we can help you with all your brokerage needs:

1. Automated pricing and contracting tools

As demand for energy increases, so does the need for a reliable and automated way to purchase and contract for energy. Our software can provide accurate information on available deals, help with contract negotiation, and keep track of changes in energy prices over time. Make sure your customers are getting the best possible price without the need for complicated paperwork or negotiations.

2. Streamlining, collecting, and analyzing data 

Create customized price proposals saving you time and money while providing the best possible service to your clients. Electronic data capture (EDC) software lets you gather customer data in a standardized format, while smart grids collect data remotely from customers' meters. Both data sets will help create customized proposals and forecasts.

3. Commission tracking analytics 

This information can help you identify areas of improvement in marketing and sales strategies. The history of past commissions allows you to see how your commission rates have changed over time to help you make informed decisions about your operations.

Software Alone Will Not Find New Clients for You

As an energy broker, you should always be looking for new customers. Because the deregulated energy market is new and many businesses won't know you even exist, they won’t know you can provide the best energy prices for their situation either. Since there is no single best option for finding clients, here are some ideas to use in tandem with your energy broker software:

1. Find your ideal customer.

Marketing to everyone is marketing to no one. To grow your energy consulting business, you must determine your ideal customer. If you already have an idea of the ideal client, get it down on paper. Figure out everything you need to know about potential energy customers and understand their must-haves, nice-to-haves, and pain points. It'll be easier when you've got criteria potential energy clients should meet.

2. Brand Recognition

The majority of energy consultants use internet marketing tactics, but it might be worth considering going old-school. Magazines, newspapers, and TV ads might hit markets you hadn't considered. Since people are more likely to go with someone they trust, putting your energy into developing your brand will help attract new customers.

3. The Tried and True Cold Call

No one likes cold-calling or emailing when finding new leads, but both can be effective. Doing your research and discovering everything about your potential clients will turn your efforts into an effective strategy before making the call or email. You won't convert all your cold calls or emails, but you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Embrace the process with a good attitude—you'd be amazed at what you can achieve by picking up the phone or emailing.

Why Trust Us?

Our energy broker software can automate most tasks with little to no cost from you. Get rid of those old spreadsheets and embrace the future. POWWR’s award-winning Broker360 platform is now the gold standard in broker software. Since 2009, we have been helping energy brokers and consultants grow their businesses and get new customers.

Honorable Mentions 

Expanding your energy business requires finding a steady stream of clients, and you'll have a tough time trying to land clients solely through referrals. Finding customers is only helpful if you can keep them. Once you’ve earned clients’ trust, good customer service skills will be vital in running a healthy energy brokerage. Know exactly who your customers are so you can create a positive experience for them.

Gain New Customers and Avoid Growing Pains

There is more than one way to get new customers and grow your energy brokerage. One of the best ways is to use software that eliminates the tedium of automatable tasks to help you scale up, renew your focus on quality customer service, and establish a solid presence in the broker industry. Next month we'll talk about how social media, your website, and attending tradeshows and events in your area can ensure you offer high-quality service. Backed by excellent customer service, your brokerage will be finding new clients in no time.

Today’s post is just the tip of the iceberg. Why not get our guide, 5 Ways to Differentiate Yourself as an Energy Broker, to find other ways to serve your clients?  Consider our software if you want to set yourself apart from the competition and grow your brokerage in one fell swoop. 

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