You know energy. We know energy software.

POWWR helps you sell and manage energy more efficiently by providing advanced platforms and simple solutions for both suppliers and brokers.  In fact, we provide the only end-to-end connected journey for energy sales.

  • Why we exist:

    POWWR exists to create solutions for a Sustainable Energy Marketplace.

    Utilizing our industry experience and working in partnership with our customers, we combine technology with human ingenuity to build elegant and sustainable solutions for the global energy marketplace.

  • Our Vision

    To empower energy suppliers and brokers to grow their businesses and create a transparent, connected journey.

    Our Mission

    By constantly engaging with our customers, we always strive to exceed expectations, through innovation and industry expertise.

Our values

We not only develop award-winning energy software, we engage with customers, we always strive to exceed expectations, through innovation and industry expertise.

  • We believe in simplicity

    The energy market doesn’t have to be difficult, and neither does the process for transacting energy.

  • We are innovative

    We are forward-thinkers, using cutting-edge technology to drive sales for our customers.

  • We are transformational

    Our in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise help businesses gain a greater market share and increase performance.

  • We are collaborative

    We work closely with our customers to understand their complex and individual needs.

  • 12 Years in Business

  • 2 Global Markets (US/UK)

  • 65+ Energy Suppliers

  • 1400+ Registered Energy Brokers

  • 100+ Electric/Gas Utilities

  • 170% Growth Over 3 Years

  • 1.6M Quoted B2B Transactions

  • 3M Active Meters Serviced Daily

  • 150+ Employees Globally

  • 50+ In-House Software Developers

  • 30+ Industry & Product Experts

  • 10+ Test/QA Engineers

Leadership Team

  • Michael Parrella

    Chief Executive Officer
    Open bio

    Mr. Parrella established the Managed Services/Saas Sales for Digital Guardian (formerly Verdasys), a Boston-based company with enterprise network security software installed in many Fortune 2000 companies. Prior to joining the company, he was a senior team lead for Information security at GE Capital Americas. He also served as Chief Technology Officer for Artera, a company involved in the development and deployment of network acceleration software. Mr. Parrella is listed as an inventor on two of the Artera patent filings. Operationally, Mr. Parrella was responsible for the architecture, deployment, and efficiency of the Artera network. With Michael’s leadership, POWWR® (formerly ESCOWare®) has been awarded the 2017 Marcum Tech Top 40 Award for the fastest growing companies in Connecticut, and overall winner among 14 other companies in the software category. ​

  • Paul Hodnett

    Chief Revenue Officer
    Open bio

    As the founder of UD Group in 2009, Paul has intricate knowledge of the energy market.  He is acutely aware of the pain points faced by both the broker and supplier market having led the development of innovative, industry-changing solutions.  ​Paul’s tenure at the helm of UD Group led to an unrivaled market position in the UK, having developed significant client relationships with the majority of the UK energy supplier market.  ​​

    Paul’s entrepreneurial spirit and commercial prowess were instrumental in the merger of UD Group and POWWR in 2019 through Five Elms Capital.  Paul remains a significant investor in POWWR although he also has a variety of external business investments. ​​Paul’s specialties include enabling high growth, market mapping, new product development, enterprise sales, and go-to-market strategy.

  • Elaine Higgins

    Chief People Officer
    Open bio

    Elaine started her career in HR consultancy working for a variety of public and private sector clients on talent optimization, assessment centers, and restructuring.   During her time at NCC Group, she managed the Corporate HR team in 9 acquisitions as well as overseeing employment due diligence through the Company float on AIM then later FTSE.  She has extensive experience of high-growth HR including integration, reorganization, and change management.​

    Whilst having predominately spent her career managing HR teams in IT-related fields, Elaine also has experience of stand-alone roles in Manufacturing, Education, and the Arts sectors.  She was also an advisory Board member of Castlefield Gallery in Manchester for 4 years.  She joined the POWWR team in June 2018. ​

    Elaine has a BA Hons Degree in HRM and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development.  She is also a published author in the Training journal.   Her interests include leadership, reward, talent management, employee engagement, health, and wellbeing.

  • Frank Aneiros

    Chief Technology Officer
    Open bio

    With more than 25 years of experience in the Information System Technology and Engineering field, Frank held positions at Digital Guardian, TD Ameritrade, Prudential, Datek Online and MarketAxess Corporation.  He holds a bachelor of science degree in Electrical Engineering from Fairleigh Dickenson University.

    At Digital Guardian, Frank lead the professional services organization and the managed service cloud operations team.  His departments implemented and maintained Digital Guardian customers’ on-premises and hosted environments globally.  Together, with his team of engineers, Frank delivered both data loss prevention services and endpoint detection and response capabilities while meeting a wide variety of technological and business threat mitigation challenges.

    As the Senior Vice President of Global Professional Services, Frank’s responsibilities included the design and implementation of enterprise level solutions and application integrations, managing a skilled Professional Services consulting organization, and servicing global fortune 2000 customers with multi-million dollar revenue streams.

  • David Yegidis

    Chief of Staff
    Open bio

    David has over 25 years of work experience in a variety of Engineering, Data, and Leadership roles in companies in several industry verticals. His ability to adapt quickly and drive teams to success is a hallmark of his career.

    David’s significant highlights begin with the popular toy company, Melissa & Doug where he built their first ERP system from the ground up enabling 4X growth in just under 3 years working directly with CEO Doug Bernstein.

    David then worked for 13 years at Cotiviti, known at the time as the preeminent retail and healthcare audit recovery firm in the United States. David held several positions at Cotiviti, most importantly as Sr. Director Enterprise Data Services where he led a team responsible for the acquisition and accurate delivery of over 4 petabytes of data a year to the internal audit team helping directly drive Cotiviti’s success and contributing to the company going public.

    David has now been with Powwr for 3 years also serving in a variety of roles. Currently, he serves as Chief of Staff where he is responsible for operational excellence and strategy.

  • Ponnu Devarajan

    Chief Information Security Officer
    Open bio

    Ponnu is a highly accomplished, innovative and strategic global senior executive with 20+ years experience in cybersecurity and software development. His experience includes working in various roles for global firms across financial services, e-commerce, energy, utilities, legal services, travel, healthcare and co-founding a software company.

  • Brent McIntyre

    EVP - Products and Services​
    Open bio

    Brent heads up the POWWR Risk Department. Before POWWR, Brent was responsible for taking XOOM Energy from 0 to 300K meters and 0-47 LDC’s. Brent was also the Director of Supply at LifeEnergy, where he was a POWWR client.  He respected the quality of POWWR’s services so much, that he joined our team!

  • Chris Waring

    SVP - Managed Services
    Open bio

    Chris has been an integral part of the POWWR team for the past eight years.  During this time he’s focused on improving areas needing attention.  He applies his extensive IT and customer relations background to ensure our resources are maximized to meet our clients’ needs.

  • Franci Erdmann

    SVP - Revenue Operations
    Open bio

    Franci is always focused on continuous improvement.  Knowing that what we did yesterday won’t work tomorrow, she deploys strategies for dynamic gains in revenue, profit, and operational excellence. For over 10 years, Franci partnered with some of the world’s largest restaurant, convenience store, and retail brands to improve their customer and employee experience.  Franci joined POWWR to bring her background in global business expansion, revenue generation, and customer engagement to the team.

  • John Craig Swartz

    SVP - Software Solutions Product
    Open bio

    John (JC) came to POWWR with a strong foundation of finance, analytics, and tech know-how.  During his time in risk services, JC developed an expertise in understanding our clients’ needs and overseeing development to meet those needs.  He excels in product knowledge and relating to our clients.

  • Chris Pond

    SVP - Development Operations & Systems Engineering
    Open bio

    After escaping a 5-year accounting career, Chris has spent the last 23 years in the IT and software industries, including over a decade with Deloitte.  At POWWR, Chris is an integral member of the executive leadership team and oversees our Software Development, DevOps and IT Operations.

  • Patrick Gardiner

    SVP - Customer Success
    Open bio

    Throughout his career, Patrick has put the customer at the heart of what he does, working from both an Account Management and customer success perspective.  If it’s not working for POWWR’s customers, it’s not working for POWWR, and Patrick works with our customers to make sure any upgrade to our products will benefit them all.  Patrick previously managed delivery of translations and localization for some of the world’s largest companies, including Amazon and Adobe, before moving into the energy industry 2 years ago.

  • Dan Woodhouse

    SVP - Engineering
    Open bio

    Daniel has over 20 years of experience in software engineering with a bachelor’s degree in information systems and an MBA in finance both from the University of CT. He has worked in a variety of roles including as a web and desktop application developer, database administrator, business intelligence specialist, lead data engineer, and now holds the Senior Vice President of Engineering position at POWWR. One of Daniel’s biggest strengths is his extensive background working in a variety of industries including insurance, healthcare, publishing, media, logistics, manufacturing, and energy. This broad industrial exposure has afforded him the opportunity to learn and adapt in the application of a vast array of technologies. In his current role, Daniel enjoys sharing what he has learned with other developers not only in what technologies can be used in developing solutions, but also in the application of them.

  • Clare Mason

    SVP - Managed Services
    Open bio

    Clare has more than 15 years’ experience working with brokers and suppliers in the Energy Industry. She started her career in the Energy sector at UK Big 6 supplier implementing and overseeing the TPI renewals process before joining the senior management team of one of the UKs largest aggregators as Head of Operations and Supplier relations.

    Since joining POWWR more than 3 years ago, Clare has shared her knowledge and experience of process management and the challenges TPIs face with Energy Procurement to steer our services and software in the right direction whilst keeping our service costs competitive. TPI Contract Management, compliance and commission processes sit within her remit and Clare’s focus is to expand the success we have had in the UK into the US market.

  • Stephen King

    SVP - Sales & Initiatives
    Open bio

    Stephen King has over 20 years of regulated and deregulated energy experience including numerous positions in corporate management, sales, and business development.  Stephen’s unique experience as a senior leader working with both retail suppliers and brokers/energy consultants allows him to have a holistic view of their goals, initiatives, and best practices.  He has served as Managing Director of Sales at American Electric Power (AEP), Vice President at Strategic Energy, Vice President of Sales with Constellation NewEnergy, President of Sales with Transparent Energy a leading broker and data management service provider in the retail energy sector, and currently fills the role of Sr. Vice President of Global Sales & initiatives at POWWR.

    Stephen’s extensive industry knowledge and vast international network of strong energy leaders and innovators allow him to bring solutions and relationships valuable to all shareholders.  He has provided real-time solutions to suppliers, brokers, consultants, channel partners, and direct end-users for a myriad of energy initiatives.

    Mr. King currently sits on several boards – The Energy Professional Association (TEPA), New York Hospitality and Tourism Association (NYSHTA) and formerly was a board member of the Park Avenue Club as well as active in a myriad of charitable associations.

  • Nathan Wright

    SVP - Global Strategic Partners & Sales Enablement
    Open bio

    Nathan has over 20 years of experience within the energy market and a unique understanding of customer requirements. He has held senior roles in large energy suppliers and brokerages and has an impressive track record of successfully managing residential, business, and indirect sales channels.  ​ ​

    Nathan has been instrumental in initiating and managing relationships on behalf of POWWR.  He has a unique understanding of POWWR portfolios having developed many of the concepts and functionality underpinning the products.  As a former board member of UD Group and an investor in POWWR,  he has consistently delivered year-on-year growth.   This success has culminated in the market-leading position of both Broker360 and Sales360 portfolios within the UK.    ​ ​

    Nathan’s goal is to utilize his extensive track record and expertise in order to mirror the success of these portfolios in the US market by combining his industry knowledge, entrepreneurial flair, and client management skills.  Nathan leads the Sales Enablement channel at POWWR which is instrumental in delivering not only sales but also building successful partnerships with clients.   ​​

  • Zohar Asher

    SVP - Risk360 Sales
    Open bio

    Zohar has over 20 years of experience in the deregulated energy markets with a diverse background in product development, operations, and sales.  Working for REPs, smart grid, storage, wholesale provider, and last few years in energy management outsourced SAAS, data, and managed services.

  • David Sheldrake

    VP - Sales360 Sales
    Open bio

    David previously managing outsource call centers working on campaigns associated with energy and telecom. In 2009 David transitioned into the energy industry initially working as a sales executive for Total Gas and Power and later in 2011 to work for Npower. For the majority of his time at Npower, he worked with the SME TPI (broker) team. Before coming to POWWR, David initially supported the Npower broker portal and looked for partners in other products and services to enhance broker revenue streams.


  • Martyn Cobbold

    VP - Broker360 Sales
    Open bio

    Martyn has 13 years of experience in the energy market, he has a great understanding of what Brokers require having been a broker for 3 years at the start of his journey. He worked for one of the then biggest aggregators for 7 Years before joining POWWR 3 years ago to develop his career and being able to offer brokers a unique solution. Martyn started life at POWWR as the TPI Sales Manager before becoming Director of sales and now Global Vice President of Broker360. The growth of Brokers joining POWWR has risen by over 400% since joining and is now helping both US and UK brokers establish themselves in a very new up-and-coming US market. Martyn enjoys developing relationships and over the years has gained the trust of a large number of brokers and has been instrumental with the growth of POWWR’s broker channel.

  • Nesli Alpay

    Director of Analytics
    Open bio

    Nesli joined POWWR in 2016. She is behind the unique and powerful reporting that makes POWWR analytics platform stand out. Relying on her experience in strategic business reporting, she applies her customer centric approach to converting complex data into insightful and actionable reports and dashboards. Prior to her career in BI, she worked for 10 years in Finance which gave her a great perspective in diverse areas including financial planning, profitability analysis, and cost management. Her experience with data analytics expands to Marketing, Aerospace, E-commerce, Healthcare, and Energy industries.

  • Mike Tong

    Head of Technical Architecture
    Open bio

    Mike has 20+ years in technology from working in large consultancies to small businesses and everything in between. He has worked in government, retail, healthcare, finance and has 5 years’ experience in the energy industry with POWWR. He has built his career around his love of coding and technical design and enjoys solving complex technical problems leveraging the best new technologies available. He’s an Agile evangelist and is focussed on ensuring business value is always at the forefront of decisions.

  • Don Winter

    Head of Marketing
    Open bio

    Don has a successful record of managing departments and delivering results, whether they be campaigns, insights, recommendations or sales. His strengths lie in innovation and his ability to “connect the dots” between understanding needs and developing actionable recommendations. Don has experience across a wide range of industries including automobiles, CPG, media, fashion and accessories, financial services, real estate, retail, SAS, travel and hospitality and utilities.

    Past clients include: American Express, Brooks Brothers, Cartier, Cayman Islands, Condé Nast, Deloitte, Disney, Edgewell Personal Care, Four Seasons, Gillette, Kraft Foods, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Nabisco, Neiman Marcus, Neuberger Berman, PepsiCo, Royal Caribbean, Saks Fifth Avenue, USA TODAY, The Wall Street Journal.

  • Andrew Porto

    Head of Branding, Creative CX
    Open bio

    Andrew’s earliest roles spanned from national newspaper publications to international private label supplements manufacturers, where he gained much experience in the field of Nutraceuticals, graphic design, package design and pressure-sensitive flexographic offset printing. From there, he founded is own ad agency, BlueStar Media, where he has helped hundreds of small to medium size businesses to grow with compelling messages, custom branding, printed materials, website design and e-commerce. In 2011, Andrew was invited to take part in a start-up software company called ESCOWare (now POWWR) and has enjoyed helping POWWR grow from a handful of people in Connecticut, to an international company listed on the Inc. 5000 in 2021.

Global Network

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Life at POWWR

Regardless of your team or job role, if you are working at POWWR it is because you are exceptional.  Our hiring policy is to find articulate, creative, and intelligent problem solvers.

Working life at POWWR is an ongoing evolution – to be successful you will need to embrace a learning and growth mindset.  There is an expectation that our team constantly ask questions so that we can continuously innovate and improve.

We are building an energy marketplace so we embed efficiency and simplicity in everything we design.

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