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POWWR Helps Connect the Dots for EDF Energy

EDF is helping Britain achieve net zero by leading the transition to a cleaner, low emission, electric future.

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Who is EDF Energy?


The biggest generator of zero-carbon electricity, with over 1GW of renewable generation in operation and over 5GW in construction, planning and development across a range of technologies.


EDF is generating low-carbon electricity through a mix of nuclear and renewable sources, including new nuclear power stations at Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C, powering around 12 million homes.


EDF Energy employs around 14,000 people across the UK and leads the transition to a cleaner, low emission future, driving economic growth and sustainable development.


EDF Enhances Broker Access to SME Products for Accelerated Sales

EDF Energy remains committed to improving the broker experience, aiming to foster stronger TPI partnerships, boost sales, and gain a competitive edge in the SME energy market.


Improve service quality and operational efficiency


Enable TPIs with efficient tools to engage with end-users


Drive new ways of working across customer operations


Ensure optimal market insight reporting for enhanced visibility


EDF Energy Optimises Sales with POWWR’s Seamless Sales360 Integration

EDF leverages POWWR’s Sales360 platform for its dynamic, data-driven approach to improve transparency, decision-making, and partner success.


Centralises data, offering complete transparency

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Streamlines processes, from pricing to contracts

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Supplies analytics to discover top-performing TPIs

Enhances market intelligence for business growth

Stop losing sales to your competition

Outdated tools and manual processes are giving your competition the edge by allowing them to win more profitable deals faster than you can.

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Why EDF Energy Values Their POWWR Partnership

Seamless Integration and Automation

POWWR’s Sales360 solution integrates smoothly with EDF’s systems, automating critical processes like pricing, contract generation, data validation, and status updates.

Centralisation and Accessibility

The Sales360 web portal centralises EDF's contract submission and maintenance activities, enhancing accessibility for third-party intermediaries (TPIs) to EDF’s SME solutions.

Enhanced Market Intelligence and Growth

The Sales360 Market Insights tool bolsters EDF’s market intelligence, aligning with their business growth and development goals, while EDF values POWWR’s innovative and forward-thinking approach.


EDF Trusts POWWR’s Sales360 for Dynamic Sales Solutions and Continued Growth

Matt Rose, Partner Success Lead at EDF, and his team extensively evaluated various solutions, ultimately selecting POWWR’s Sales360 platform due to its outstanding features and the longstanding relationship they shared. “We have a very strong and long-standing relationship with POWWR. We originally began working with it through a standard energy broker relationship, and have since purchased a number of the company’s software and data services. POWWR has great people, a great set-up, and great market awareness,” explained Matt Rose, Partner Success Lead at EDF. 

POWWR’s Sales360 platform is highly dynamic, with visual tools and reporting that centralises data for EDF, providing complete transparency and the right information so it can make smart, proactive sales decisions. EDF plans to continue optimising its energy sales and improving sales quality, confident in its partnership with POWWR.


“We have a very strong relationship with POWWR. It has great people, a great set-up, and great market awareness.”


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