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Supercharge your energy business with Sales360... The go-to-tool for suppliers

We understand how frustrating it is to work with multiple spreadsheets, manual contracts, commission calculations, pricing the right deals, and lost opportunities to name a few. Like you, we felt there could be an easier way. This is the way…

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Our Award-Winning Features

Sales360 Broker Portal

How do you deal with brokers that don’t have any systems at all? How much time are you spending with these high-maintenance, low-volume ‘partners’? With the Sales360 Broker portal, they can now enter information and; Get pricing, accept deal, auto-send contract to customer for signature, posts enrollment to billing system, and complete the sale! Easy!

3rd Party Connection

If your brokers have their own systems, you can seamlessly integrate between your systems and those of your most valuable Brokers to get automated pricing, contract generation, data validation and updated statuses. POWWR can help in this process!

Connect with Broker360 users

By helping your brokers, you can help yourself and gain a competitive advantage with; Real-time quoting, comparative offer presentations, automated contracting, automated enrollment, account status data & reporting, and commission reconciliation.

Sales360 CRM Module

Increase deal-flow and win more deals with the Sales360 CRM Module which includes; real-time quoting, offer presentation, automated contracting, automated enrollment, reporting and more. With significantly less effort needed to manually process deals, your sales teams can now focus more effective broker account management.

Sales360 Insights

Sales360 Insights offers advanced analytics that can handle all of your reporting needs at your fingertips including complete end-to-end visibility into your entire sales operation with dashboards and analysis for executive teams, operations, and sales leaders. No more scrambling to get the information you need. Simply log in and request the information you need to make more informed decisions.

Commission Calculation +

Is your commission calculation processing all over the place? Are your payments accurate and on time? The Sales360 commission calculation module will revolutionize your interactions with your growing broker network and all reports and payments will flow directly into the very same system with fast and accurate processing of your most complex commission scenarios.

Supercharge your energy business with Sales360... The go-to-tool for suppliers


Greater Staff Efficiency


Increased Go-Live Rates


Increase in Profits


"Energy consultants and brokers are key to the continued success of our business, we are growing rapidly, and our partnership with POWWR is really going help us grow whilst also improving our service to TPIs."

Mark Whitton, Head of Sales, POWWR Client