POWWR provides a forecast up to 30 days out using as little as hourly zonal actual usage to give the client visibility into future load usage based on the forecasted weather conditions. We can also take other data such as a customer count and account type breakdown to further customize your forecast to your book. POWWR also provides reports that show the accuracy of our performance to ensure the quality of our products. The short-term forecast allows the client to come up with DA bidding and bilateral strategies to mitigate short-term risks and maximize profits. The software also can create a bid submission file in the appropriate ISO’s format to make the submission process easier.


POWWR provides a long-range forecast based on all the client’s customers and usage history. We take in the information through the client’s billing system allowing us to create an accurate long term forecast even with the ever-changing account mix of a client. This forecast gives the client the ability to plan for energy usage going forward both on a short-term and long-term basis. We also provide a revenue forecast based on the retail price of each customer we receive. We are consistently testing and creating updated weather-responsive algorithms to give you the most accurate forecast possible. POWWR also provides reports that show the accuracy of our performance to ensure the quality of our products.


POWWR creates as forecast based on current temperatures, normal temperatures, and extreme temperatures (both colder and warmer than normal) using client’s account data. These extreme weather reports allow the client to conduct a quick scenario testing of different possibilities in various weather patterns and develop more accurate strategies based on season expectations and worst and best-case scenarios.


POWWR pulls in different weather feeds and creates multiple forecasts based on several combinations of these feeds. These reports show how different temperatures can affect the client’s forecasts and gives weather accuracy reports to allow clients to know what the best weather forecast possible is. The client has the ability to change what combination is their ‘main’ forecast in order to be as accurate as possible. These reports are important as in volatile times an accurate weather forecast can save the client a great amount of money.


POWWR provides current Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) requirements based on the client’s account base. We look at both minimum state requirements and requirements for voluntary renewable clients. POWWR aggregates each client’s requirements and displays them in reports as well as against the REC hedge purchases. RECs are a large part of the energy market and this module allows for proper accounting and tracking of all REC costs.


POWWR receives energy supply deals and plots them against the forecasted load to show how the company’s energy is covered going into the future. POWWR also can give recommendations based on the client’s required risk parameters. These reports are crucial for being able to lock in fix price clients based on when they were contracted and shows you how to layer in with changing weather to cover your load.


POWWR stays up to date on all the various cost components for energy. We have a pricing engine that has all these stored and upon selection of client characteristics displays the price that will generate the required margin. The model is transparent and shows all the different cost components, so the client is aware of the breakdown. It also can use generic load profiles or take any specific data such as usage and capacity tags and confirms that profile to match the profile. The pricing engine can handle both mass market and large industrial clients. For the mass market the pricing engine can produce a price matrix allowing quick pricing across a spectrum of customer and product types. A quick and accurate price is imperative for growing your energy business and keeping your profitability.


POWWR scrapes and downloads various market components and provides them to the client. We have various points of data such as wholesale price curves, load profiles, and ISO DA and RT prices.


POWWR goes into each ISO using the client’s credentials automates pulling the settlement data. We aggregate the bills per ISO and calculate the bills using ISO published data. POWWR creates reports using this data showing the client cost break downs and margin analysis. These cost analytics reports are important for making sure the client’s costs are coming through as expected and they maintain an appropriate amount of profitability. We also highlight trends and outliers of each cost component, so you can know what to expect and look into any strange charges. POWWR also has the ability to look at your recent charges and project up to the close of the next time period.


IN addition to producing a standard revenue forecast in the long-term forecasting module we can also use different products and tiers to generate a more detailed revenue prediction. We generate reports for a mark to market of purchased supply and expected profit and loss. POWWR also can produce a Mark to Market for accounts based on the current price conditions so going forward you can see how the marks of your obligation have changed. Our revenue reporting allows clients to have a great idea of the profitability of their current book and monitor the trend as both pricing conditions and their customer base change.


POWWR take the weather feeds it receives and provides insightful reports on it’s characteristics. We provide comparison of the current weather forecast to historical averages for each hour and zone so the client can quickly identify how the weather defers from the norm. We also provide day over day weather changes to help identify trends and explain changes in the forecast. Understanding the weather and how it compares to normal conditions can give our clients a great advantage in being able to predict volatile price environments.


POWWR realizes the importance of having quality data. Having quality data offers a more accurate forecast and the peace of mind that the client is billing properly. We have developed a series of error and customer data reports that can help identify and clean up data. These reports range from accounts that don’t have any usage history, to accounts that don’t have load profiles, to accounts that have sporadic and suspicious usage. Our reports provide visibility of these errors so they can be fixed quickly and efficiently.


Keep track of capacity requirements and costs. For the markets where capacity can be hedged track your supply deals vs forecasted requirements. Also, clients can look at their account capacity tag information. Capacity costs can be a large portion of energy costs and since tags are set each year it is important to try and manage as much as possible as the cost remains relatively static with load change


Provides all of the functionality required to address the full “life-cycle” of a customer.

  • Customizable Batch enrollment for all sales channels
  • Enrollment API
  • Efficiently process re-instatements and renewals
  • Easily Track and Calculate Commissions
  • Communicate and inform using our Broker Portal (BP)
  • Deliver Digital Assets to your Broker Channel
  • Create Digital Contracts on the fly
  • Manage Matrix Pricing
  • Winback Actionable Reporting
  • Fully Support the ERCOT Market


Complete flexibility in establishing and managing energy products, rates, plans and their availability.

  • Offers can be setup to support Promo Codes or Broker Specific pricing
  • Matrix Pricing provides fast and easy pricing changes


We offer robust, flexible Commission Calculation and Management capability. Sample Commission Payment Types Include:

  • Residual
  • Upfront Payment (CAB)
  • Upfront Payment based on Tiered Usage
  • Upfront Payment based on Term
  • Pre-Payment
  • Clawbacks


Helps keep overhead low by providing your Brokers/Agents with answers to frequently asked questions. Some of the features and benefits of the POWWR Broker Portal are:

  • Visibility to all their directly enrolled customers
  • Visibility to their down-line agents and their customers
  • Provides broker with detailed commission statements,
  • View available offers and rates
  • Access to a corporate digital asset library with downloadable marketing materials and corporate documents brokers need to be self-sufficient

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