POWWR's Return on Investment

Cost Savings




Increase in efficiency and productivity


      Data in one centralized location


      Communication across organization


      Reduced redundancy of effort


      Transparency of data


      Time savings locating data


     Time savings reporting


      Reporting used for nominations, confirmations /scheduling


      Time savings reconciliations of invoices, settlements


      Automated data feed from your billing system or templates


      Automated feed for your pricing and margin formulas


      Can assign clusters for market segments, pricing, customer loads


     Automation lessens tedious, time-consuming activities


     Leverage ETRM or legacy systems using with POWWR






     Due to above, manpower needs are reduced and staff can be redeployed - scheduling, risk, settlements


      Reduced need for IT development;  IT resources can direct talents to integration and core business




Improved reliability and accuracy


      Fewer human errors re data input


      Data scrubbed and checked via algorithms, increasing accuracy and highlighting discrepancies


      Scores of error reports already available;  custom reports can be designed specifically for you


      Weather forecasts and backcasts applied to your markets to provide vision for decision-making


      Clear view of trading positions - over/unders - immediate reporting


     Clear view of your contract status and utilization - supplier, pipeline, utility, storage, end user, geographic locations or transfer points

     Availability and security of platform


     View of retail markets you have not been able to see before for planning purposes


     Churn analysis to assist with customer retention, market penetration



Data Link Savings










Maintenance Costs


     Included - no third party overhead for maintenance or training






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