Winter is Coming

By: Richard Jenkins

It is hard to believe, unless you live in the northern plains, but winter is coming. Now is the time for Energy Service Companies to prepare for this. Many utilities modify their choice programs beginning each November 1st. Different levels of storage, different delivery requirements… different pipelines.

Are you knowledgeable of any and all new details?
  • Make sure you are fully approved on any new pipeline that you are required to use to serve your customers.

- Do you have your capacity release amendments in place?

- Have you added significant customer load? If so...

- Is your credit with each pipeline and LDC at a sufficient level?

  • Finally, make sure to have all the proper contact information for your suppliers, the LDC’s, and the Interstate Pipelines.

- Work phone numbers

- After hours phone numbers

- Fax numbers

- Emails

- Instant messaging information.

Don’t forget to add the information of all the appropriate persons in your own company!!!

Compile a list of this information and make it readily available to everyone within your company. According to Murphy’s Law, if you have it all, you won’t need it, but if you don’t have it... <imagine an emergency scenario here>

So, avoid being a victim of the Night King... be prepared!

Credit: Night King from Game of Thrones