Natural Gas Suppliers to See 5% or Higher Increase in Margins

Natural gas executives will know the net open position of their gas book in real time.


Newtown, CT, August 15, 2019: A natural gas risk and forecasting management platform has just been released. Developed by POWWR, an energy solutions company, the POWWR [NG] natural gas platform provides instant access to critical data and reports weeks, even months, ahead of traditional methods.

“We designed POWWR [NG] to give our natural gas clients their current and future positions daily, instead of waiting for third party reports and the subsequent spreadsheet wrestling match,“ said POWWR CEO, Michael Parrella. “Imagine being able to react to anomalies and projected margins right now, instead of days from now. The implications for our clients are enormous!”

“Imagine being able to react to anomalies and projected margins right now, instead of days from now.”

The amazing part of POWWR [NG] is that it provides complete transparency behind the LDC/City Gate to see the true value of your retail gas book at all times. The platform will dovetail with a company's existing ETRM systems and integrate retail market information and improve data transparency without recreating the wheel.

Additionally, POWWR [NG]’s on-demand reporting, from a centralized database, provides company-wide data transparency. From forecasting and back casting, to positioning and capacity, all inputs and outputs are automated. POWWR [NG] is projected to provide managers with as much as 25% more time. Time that can be dedicated to more pressing, revenue earning issues.

Executives will know the real time value of their gas book at all times in order to be able to make important decisions, without waiting for all departments to report in. On the other end, all departments will be able to make decisions knowing their book at that very moment. No more estimating and guessing.

“The sole purpose of POWWR [NG] is to reduce supply retailer risk.”, adds Parrella. “Risk occurs when suppliers do not have the right data and analytic tools, how they want it, when they need it. We’ve always had a gas product, but this new POWWR [NG] is a complete holistic platform.”

“The sole purpose of POWWR [NG] is to reduce supply retailer risk.”

POWWR [NG] is fully scalable. From providing state-of-the-art tools for upstarts and smaller retailers, to maximizing efficiencies, positions and margins for the largest providers (while integrating with their current ETRM system), the POWWR [NG] platform is a perfect fit.

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About POWWR®: POWWR empowers the energy industry by combing advanced technology with human ingenuity to bring new insights and value to an ever-changing energy marketplace. Our services reduce risk and increase efficiency. With 75% growth in 6 years and active in 100+ electric/gas markets, POWWR truly represents “The Analytics of All Things Energy”. (www.powwr.com)

POWWR [NG]’s development and support executive team represents over 140 years of natural gas industry experience. Plus, POWWR’s own in-house meteorologist oversaw the weather forecasting component, which includes multiple inputs to ensure precision. The platform is designed to provide critical insights instantly and clearly.

Visit: https://www.powwr.com/ng

Download the Executive Summary at http://info.powwr.com/natural-gas-exec-summary