Brace Yourself, Winter is Coming

By Jeffrey Bassett

It's time to shift right over to winter!

Our brains and thermometers may not be saying so, but it’s that time of year to acknowledge that the winter season is upon us and you need to get strategies in place for the NYISO ICAP market.

That said, there is a lot of leg work needed this month to get things in place.

How prepared are you for the following?

  • The October monthly capacity auction that begins Monday September 9th

  • The spot auction takes place on September 24th

  • The Winter Strip auction takes place September 27th

Have a strategy set in advance for participation in the Strip, monthly and/or spot markets, as well as get your collateral in place.

Know your risk tolerance levels and projected margins based on possible weather scenarios now. The more you understand the scenarios, the better prepared you’ll feel.

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