Forward Financial Analytics

Introducing the ability to see your future gross margins in real-time.


POWWR [FA] provides the ability to adjust your forecasted margin & revenue targets on the fly.


Designed for Retailers who need to be proactive in ensuring target margins and want the ability to fine-tune business practices to a sweet spot of maximum profitability.

POWWR-FA Is a future-looking detailed P&L that accurately estimates the costs and revenues of a customer’s book daily to term length.

Unlike one-off monthly guesstimates, POWWR [FA] automatically updates every day for any changes in the market and includes all data points available.





  • Reporting Updated Daily!

  • Helps manage growth by identifying higher-margin target profiles

  • Accurately estimates and validates customer books daily to term length

  • Validates pricing

  • Future view of P&L at the click of a button

  • Provides ISO settlement charge transparency

  • Ties-in load forecasting to hedging

  • & Much more...

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